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Before you jump down my throat , let me start by saying that the recent cinematic trend of rebooting every damn property under the sun drives me crazy. I think it displays a pungent lack of originality and a disturbing lack of faith in original, non-IP based movies on the part of movie executives. But alas I didn't come here to rant and rave, I came simply to have a little fun with a film that (thankfully) hasn't yet received the reboot treatment. 1985's Back To The Future launched Michael J. Fox to stardom and still stands as one of the most inventive and enjoyable films of all time. I'd hope that modern filmmakers have the sense not to attempt to tarnish its reputation with a reboot but if hell freezes over and it happens, here's my ideal cast (brought to life by my exceptional Photoshop skills):

Zac Efron as Marty McFly

Marty McFly was the all-american, lovable youngster with a heart of gold and a penchant for adventure. Michael J. Fox portrayed that to a T and who better to don the mantle than Zac Efron, the Millennial teen heartthrob. Of course, he'd have to de-muscle a bit to fit the part, but who else can you see repeatedly calling out "Doc!" and channeling that slightly quirky energy that straddles the line between spastic and unflappable better than Efron. Maybe Dylan O'Brien? Still I stand by my choice and excellent photoshop rendition above.

Bryan Cranston as Doc Brown

Who better to play the slightly screwy, crazy-eyed scientist himself than Bryan Cranston. The guy basically made his name playing the insane Walter White and let's not forget his role as the lovably quirky patriarch in Malcolm in the Middle. Somewhere between the two lies the perfect Doc Brown and don't you tell me otherwise.

Zoey Deutch as Lorraine Baines-McFly

Now this is where my genius (and a bit of happy coincidence) comes into play. Zoey Deutch is none other than the daughter of Lea Thompson, the actress who played this role in the original film! Zoey bears a striking resemblance to her mother and is the obvious choice here. 'Nuff said.

Alan Ritchson as Biff Tannen

If you've ever seen Blue Mountain State, you're well aware that Ritchson excels at playing a dim-witted bully seeking to be the center of all attention. His role as Thad Castle is really not too far off from Biff and I believe his skill set and physical presence would translate perfectly.

Matt Smith as George McFly

They look nearly identical and Matt Smith is already rocking the same haircut so it's a no-brainer right? In all seriousness, Matt Smith has proven to be excellent at striking a balance between both vulnerability and boldness, traits that George McFly alternately embraces over the course of the film.

Who do you think would make up the perfect cast for this ill-advised reboot?


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