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As fans of The Walking Dead are eagerly waiting for the show's seventh season, the theories and predictions regarding Negan's victim have yet to slow down. We hang on every word given in interviews from the cast and crew hoping for some clues to what actually went down on one the biggest cliffhangers in TV history.

Rather than torturing ourselves coming up with answers after that tumultuous ending, maybe it is time to focus on the bigger picture, who will be the sole survivor?

The creator of the comic book series and writer for the show, Robert Kirkman, is constantly asked about the fate of characters. Why not go directly to the source, right? Well, Kirkman may not be the person to ask, considering he loves to mess with the fans, revealing fake spoilers and trolling media with sarcastic answers. You can't blame the guy trying to have some fun during interviews and we know he is smart enough not to let any crucial information slip. But one character's name has had a pattern of coming up and is also said to be Kirkman's favorite character.

In a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything), Kirkman took to the computer to answer user questions and one particular exchange stood out:

There has always seemed to be big plans for Carl in the comics and TV series as his role has been growing as he has been getting older. Kirkman even hinted about his early plans for the comic storylines in another Reddit AMA from two years ago:

Killing Rick and having the storyline center around Carl? I have a feeling Kirkman still has that thought in the back of his mind when evolving the story. There is no doubt Carl (played by Chandler Riggs in the show) is coming into his own, growing up during a zombie apocalypse and absorbing all the survival skills from the group.

When walking around at Wizard World Philly, I found myself at a booth looking at the art created by The Living Corpse Crew, a.k.a. Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, and Blair Smith. The group of artists — who work together on their comic titled The Living Corpse — were showcasing their work and there was one that caught my eye.

As I was flipping through their lookbook, I stopped on the page with the print above and the guys were quick to explain the story behind the art. They told me about Kirkman's teasing of Carl being the one to outlast them all so they used that as a focus in this idea to see what future Carl would look like. Appropriately titled "The Last Man Standing: The Carl Grimes Story," we see an older version of the sheriff hat-wearing kid who looks to have gone through a lot over the years.

Aside from the hat being tattered and patched up, it looks like Carl has received a few more battle scars. He also has quit wearing the eye patch, which viewers finally got to see play out on the latest season of TWD. As Carl is the focal point of the art, the most interesting detail is standing behind him.

Taking note from Michonne's pet zombies, we see the walker version of his father, Rick Grimes, being led by a chain while missing his arms and lower jaw. Still wearing the sheriff's uniform with the badge and name tag, Carl has kept his dad around for protection, as we have learned that having walkers around can be used as camouflage when surrounded by other walkers. Zombie Rick has a telephone wrapped around his mouth, maybe a call out to his phone hallucination in the prison after Lori died? Even though we don't have any information into how Rick died in this fan interpretation, we have hints about the fate of a few other characters.

Besides the gun, we see Carl with a whole artillery, including Daryl's crossbow, Negan's bat Lucille (considering the barbed wire), and Michonne's sword (by the handle across his back). I thought it was pretty cool to see a prediction for the show illustrated through art so I had to get my hands on a copy of the print. Luckily enough, I got the last one. Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson, and Blair Smith were also nice enough to sign it! Check out some of their other work on their website for The Living Corpse Crew!

Robert Kirkman isn't sure how long The Walking Dead will be on TV but he has assured viewers that it is not going away anytime soon and the same goes for the comic book series. He claims to have an ending planned for the story he has been telling for 13 years and counting, but we have plenty of time to theorize and predict! Will it be Carl or is there another character who will outlast them all?

(Sources: The Living Corpse Crew, Wizard World Philly)

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