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Now that the official word is out that not only will Blumhouse Productions co-finance the all new Halloween reboot, but legendary horror director John Carpenter will be returning to the franchise as an executive producer, fans couldn't be more happier. This marks Carpenter's return to the Halloween franchise for the first time in 38 years since his involvement in the original 1978 classic. With Carpenter officially on board many fans are now wondering what direction will he be taking the Halloween franchise in. Here are 5 potential storylines the all new reboot could go in.

5. The film could focus on a new killer continuing Michael's legacy

For those of you that may not know, the original plan for Halloween 5 was to center on Jamie as the new killer following the shocking ending from the 1988 sequel Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers. Both Danielle Harris & Donald Pleasence liked the idea of having Jamie as the new killer in Halloween 5, but unfortunately the studio was unhappy with the concept therefore scrapped the idea & brought back Michael in the next sequel. Fans have wondered how the films would have turned out if Jamie had continued the films as the new killer continuing her uncle's legacy. As unlikely as this may be, if the studio were to move forward with the idea of having Jamie replace Michael as the new killer it wouldn't come off as a surprise if Danielle Harris were to return as a much older Jamie locked in Smith's Grove only to escape & finish what her uncle started back in '78.

4. The new film could be based on Halloween: One Good Scare and center on David Loomis

For those of you that are not familiar with the character, David Loomis is the son of Dr. Samuel Loomis who was introduced in the well praised "Halloween: One Good Scare" comic book.

David Loomis, Like Father Like Son
David Loomis, Like Father Like Son

In the comic, David follows in his father's footsteps of being a psychiatrist, but tries to avoid following his father's obsession with Michael Myers being a firm believer that Michael has been dead for years. Eventually his beliefs come to a close when he takes in a patient by the name of Linsdey Wallace who along with Tommy & Laurie encountered the masked killer back in 1978.

"One good scare can change your life"
"One good scare can change your life"

After trying to deny his destiny, David follows his father's footsteps trying to help Lindsey but with severe consequences. Having David Loomis follow his father's footsteps would be an amazing way to honor the late Donald Pleasence who had made his final appearance in 1995's Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers having passed away that same year at the age of 75. If this does happen, Blumhouse could loosely base the film on the One Good Scare story which would have David take in Lindsey Wallace if featured in the film. If Lindsey won't be featured in the sequel, then it's likely David will take in Tommy O' Doyle having been traumatized after the events in 1978's Halloween. Basing it off the likeness of the character in the comics, it would be interesting to see Anson Mount who is well known as confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon from AMC's Hell On Wheels take on the role of David Loomis in the new film. Having the David Loomis character in the new series as a long running character would not only honor the legacy of Sam Loomis but also breathe new life in the Loomis name.

3. The new film will serve as a direct sequel to the original two films

When it was announced a while back that Dimension Films was working on a direct sequel to the original two films titled Halloween Returns, fans were looking forward to seeing the new film as it would have brought Michael back to his original roots. Unfortunately Dimension Films lost the rights to the Halloween franchise thus cancelling the new sequel in the process. Despite the film being cancelled, many fans still want to see Michael back to his original roots seen in the first two films. Now that Carpenter is on board, this increases the chances of him bringing back the mysterious version of the character fans know best. If the studio decides to move forward with this, you could expect to see the return of not just Michael but those who survived the events of the previous two films such as Laurie Strode, Jimmy, Deputy Hunt, Sheriff Brackett and other minor characters that can be given much larger roles.

2. The reboot will continue where Halloween: Resurrection left off

It's no secret that the 2002 sequel Halloween: Resurrection ended on a serious cliffhanger teasing another sequel. As time passed many fans had wondered if there would ever be a Halloween 9 to either continue the story or be the conclusion to the original series. Rumors had circulated about the next installment ranging from the revenge of Josh Hartnett's character, a crossover with Pinhead from the Hellraiser films and a sequel titled Halloween: Asylum which would have saw Michael in Smith's Grove now a maximum security penitentiary awaiting execution. Despite Resurrection receiving poor reviews from both critics & fans, audiences still wanted to see questions answered in the next sequel as well as a potential connection to the 4-6 timeline. If the studio were to move forward with Halloween 9, the best fitting storyline would be John Strode seeking revenge for the death of his mother with the help of Sheriff Brackett who also has his own personal vendetta against The Shape for the death of his daughter in the 1978 original film.

1. The new film will go in John Carpenter & Debra Hill's original vision

For those that may not know John Carpenter & Debra Hill originally planned of having the Halloween films as an anthology consisting of unrelated stories with Halloween being the main theme of each story. This plan kicked off with the 1982 sequel Halloween III: Season Of The Witch which saw a negative reception from critics & fans mainly criticizing the absence of Michael Myers. Because of the backlash, the studio decided to bring Michael back in the 1988 film Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers. Although some fans bashed the third film, other fans have also praised the film for standing on it's own as a standalone sequel. If the studio moves forward with Carpenter's original vision, then it's likely that the first film will kick off with an all new standalone film featuring Michael Myers one final time before moving on to new original standalone sequels. Going in this direction will answer the question if the franchise will become more successful or become a disaster. With Carpenter on board as an executive producer, fans are confident he will bring revive the franchise that he started 38 years ago.

Well that's my list of potential storylines the Halloween reboot could focus on. What did you guys think? Do you agree with the list? Was there anything you felt should have made the list? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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