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Eli Roth's Clown doesn't hit theaters for a few more days, but that's not stopping him from treating us to an extended clip from this nightmare-inducing movie.

Before you feast your eyes on that, refresh your memory of the nose-ripping scene in the latest trailer to hit the internet:

There's nothing quite like hearing flesh ripping from a face, is there?

Here's the new extended look at that horrible honker-obliterating scene:

Yes, you just saw that. Just when you think the clip is over, THE DOG EATS THE NOSE OFF THE FLOOR.

We shouldn't be too surprised by anything from Mr. Roth, who has given us some eye-popping scenes, like this one from Hostel:

Released in Italy in 2014, and the UK, Scotland, Philippines, and Mexico in 2015, Clown FINALLY completes its long journey from a fake fan-made trailer on YouTube to American theaters on June 17th!

Who's ready for another killer clown?!
And possibly therapy?


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