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Now that we have the Spider-Man we deserve, it’s now time for Marvel Studios to focus on his villains. Although we know that Michael Keaton is more than likely playing Adrian Toomes/Vulture, we still have yet to know who the other villains may be. Fans have been saying that we’re also going to be seeing Shocker, Scorpion, Venom, The Prowler, and now Carnage.

It’s been recently rumored that Michael Mando will be playing Cletus Kassidy/Carnage in the anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming film. Carnage is a villain fans have been wanting to see for years. Not too long ago, it was rumored that a Venom and Carnage film was in the works for a 2017 release, but unfortunately, we’re not getting that movie, at least for now.

"Spectacular At Bringing Carnage To Life"

The only reason people are suspecting Mando to bring Carnage to life, is because the official Better Call Saul twitter account tweeted:

Take this for what it's worth, but it seems very unlikely that we’ll see Carnage, along with the other supervillains, come to the big screen at least not until AFTER Spider-Man: Homecoming. It wouldn’t make sense to add more and more supervillains, especially Carnage, because it’ll feel too overstuffed, not to mention Peter is only 15 years young in the upcoming film, which means he hasn’t even fought a supervillain yet.

Carnage is definitely a character who deserves their own standalone film, rather than a main villain in a Spider-Man film, however I wouldn’t mind seeing a small Cletus Kassidy cameo, or even a reference, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Carnage Will Arrive Sooner Or Later

As bad as I want to see Carnage come to life on the big screen, Venom would be a good addition as well. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have to wait a couple years. Carnage plays a big role in the Spider-Man comic universe, and recently, Sony struck a deal with Marvel, to create a “Spidey-Verse”. So don’t worry fans, it seems like we’ll be getting Carnage sooner or later.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently filming, and is set to release on July 7, 2017



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