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If you are hardcore player of the game, or never played it before, you will enjoy this movie from beginning to end. Myself being a former WoW player, I was satisfied and truly impressed on the cinematic depiction of iconic WoW settings like Ironforge and Stormwind, and for you diehard gamers, your dreams of total fantasy have finally become a reality.

A Different Experience

Prepare yourself to dive in into a different experience of the World of Warcraft game, as this time you are not in the game, but rather a watcher. Definitely true to the WoW landscape, Warcraft not only delivers a great story of family, love and the power of unity, but also stays true to its core, with a decent amount of action and sorcery that will thrill you all throughout the movie.

Toby Kebbell is Durotan.
Toby Kebbell is Durotan.

Actors And Their Characters

Paula Patton is Garona.
Paula Patton is Garona.

The movie was not perfect, but it was indeed good, with great potential for a future set of sequels. Actor Toby Kebbell as the Orc, Durotan, was tremendous, delivering one of the best performances for a CGI character since Caesar from Rise of the Planet of the Apes. While at times it felt slow and dry, due to lack of motivation in some of the acting from certain key characters, Warcraft’s main force that pushed it to greatness, other than Durotan, was Travis Fimmel’s excellent performance as Sir Anduin Lothar. Paula Patton also delivered a good performance, but it will be during a possible sequel that her character, Garona, will truly be able to develop.

Beautiful Movie With Great Potential

The movie balances well with the amount of CGI and it’s actual live-actors, and while it’s mostly a computer-generated world, the setting feels real and believable; exactly what you would expect if World of Warcraft came to life. Nevertheless, it’s a truly beautiful movie, and the only thing that hurts it, is its poor interpretation of some of the characters; you could feel how some actors could have delivered just a bit more for their roles to truly shine.

Overall the movie was fantastic, filled with story, and very entertaining. I am really looking forward for the next Warcraft installment. If you still haven't, go ahead and buy your ticket, and enjoy one of the best releases of 2016.


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