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The day has finally come to bring mind-blowing superhero potential into the real world. Recently, Elon Musk visited the Pentagon to discuss a top-secret issue and now, we finally know what that is.

If you ever thought Iron Man was only a work of superhero fiction, think again. It appears that the Tesla genius is currently putting his leadership at aerospace manufacturer SpaceX to good use and working on a creation like no other. After rife speculation regarding what he was doing meeting with the US Secretary of Defense, Elon Musk posted the following to Twitter:

A 'flying metal suit,' you say? I don't know about you guys, but for me it brings only one thing to mind:

In case you think Musk might be joking, stand corrected — it's long been known that the government's military R&D department has been extensively experimenting with powered exoskeletons in attempting to find ways to extend armor for US special forces. Alongside the company's other endeavors, it is actually highly likely that the SpaceX CEO is investigating ways to bring a similar suit construction just like Tony Stark's legendary armor to life.

For one, such projects have been underway for a while now but on a minor level. For example, recently company Raytheon released images of some of their first prototypes, with the one below specifically designed to allow infantry lift heavy loads.

Credit: Raytheon
Credit: Raytheon

Clearly, as ambitious as the above project is, it's not enough.

For a while now, the military has been plagued with questions on whether they are working on a suit that is bulletproof and totally weaponized. Yet, nothing as such has been unveiled for the moment and the most state-of-the-art suit that we have is the JB-9, which is hardly on Iron Man level (although it is pretty cool!):

Ultimately, the military wants something more bad-ass and Elon Musk is quite possibly the man to give it to them.

Do you think he will be able to build an Iron Man suit?


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