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The very best TV shows leave you gagging for more, and Rick and Morty is no exception. With more laughs than most shows can wish for, condensed into 21 intergalactic, interdimensional, self-aware and absurdly funny episodes, Season 3 really couldn't arrive sooner. But come on, snap out of it; it's not here yet and there's nothing we can do about it.

Until then though, there are alternatives. We could always binge watch, over and over, in an attempt to unravel a show that is as complex as it is hilarious. We could try building our very own time machine, travel to the future and watch Season 3. Or, easier still, we could just look over some of the best fan theories based on the show.

Let's go for option three, as it's by far the easiest, and the only one that'll make sense as an article. So, here we go:

1. Rick Is Morty From Another Dimension

Is Rick Morty or is Morty Rick?
Is Rick Morty or is Morty Rick?

The beauty of Rick and Morty is the unpredictably of their time travelling, space exploring escapes. This also leads to some crazy fan theories.

One in particular is as interesting as it is mind bending. A thoughtful Reddit user claims that Rick is in fact Morty from another dimension. It suggests that the original Rick could've died in trans-dimension, and Morty needed a suitable universe to enter.

This makes sense, as at some point, Rick claims there are universes where either of them could move in and assume roles upon entry. Morty would then look for one universe he could enter, choosing one where the original Rick is absent.

2. Morty Is A Parallel Morty From Another Universe

The land of Mortys
The land of Mortys

This is a theory that makes perfect sense, following on from “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind” in Season 1. In that episode, it's revealed that there are multiple Ricks and multiple Mortys across a number of universes.

We assume that we follow the same pair throughout, but what if we actually switch between universes episode by episode? My brain hurts.

3. Rick And Morty Shares A Universe With Gravity Falls

This is less of a theory, and more of a confirmation, as Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland used to share an office (and friendship), and have admitted to adding references to their respective shows.

Maybe one day we'll get a crossover. Rick and Gravity? Morty Falls? I'll stop.

4. Rick Is Aware He's In A TV Show

This one isn't too much of a leap, considering his fourth wall breaking and interaction with the audience. Although, most of those moments do appear "non-canon" in future episodes, so there is a gap between fourth wall breaking, and being fully aware of his role within his own TV show.

5. Which Leads Into "The Big Secret"

Rick and Morty's big secret?
Rick and Morty's big secret?

Show co-creator Dan Harmon became the biggest tease in the entertainment industry when he revealed the show could be harboring a huge secret, that only the creators know. In an interview with AV Club, he said:

"We haven’t talked about this in a while, but before we wrote the first episode of Rick And Morty, we had a conversation where, I think it was Mike McMahan who said, 'Should we decide that there is a secret we keep from the audience forever? But we always know it.' I won’t say what. We said, 'Oh, what about this?; And we went,'Yeah, that’s really cool.' I was kind of obsessed with it for a while."

Rick and Morty Season 3 premieres TODAY... In a parallel universe. Unfortunately in this universe, we still don't know when Season 3 will arrive.

What are your favorite Rick and Morty theories?


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