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Despite the fact that the eagerly awaited (and likely revolutionary) mobile game Pokemon GO still doesn't yet have a definite release date beyond that of "2016", it's starting to feel like we're getting very close to getting our hands on it, as beta testing sweeps out across the US following the initial run in Japan.

And as always in these times of little information, Reddit becomes our saviour. Or, more specifically, the Silph Road does. With each new Pokémon GO software update comes a fresh set of leaks, and the newest of these — version 0.25.0 — comes with some exciting new updates brought to us via the Silph Road.

The Silph Road
The Silph Road

Let's break the new information down.

New Item Added: Lure Patch

Coming to the item roster of Pokémon GO is the Lure Patch, an item which can be used in-game to attract random Pokémon to a PokéStop once installed — think like Honey from the mainstream games.

The effects reportedly last for 15 minutes, but once a Lure Patch has been deployed it's anyone's game, as any trainers in the area can converge to attempt to catch the lured Pokémon.

New Badges

Gary Oak knows all about Badges
Gary Oak knows all about Badges

The new update brings a lot of new badges too, based on numbers of Pokémon, the amount of battles won, and your Prestige points gain. Here's the list below:

  • Total number of Pokémon assigned to a Gym
  • Total number of Battles won as a challenger.
  • Total number of Battles won as a defender.
  • Total number of training Battles won.
  • Total amount of Prestige increased through training.
  • Total amount of Prestige decreased through Battles.
  • Number of specific type Pokémon caught (i.e. Fire, Water, Rock, etc.)

Playing Favorites

The Name Rater - Pokémon ORAS
The Name Rater - Pokémon ORAS

With the new update Trainers are now able to nickname their Pokémon, but the specific names you give your Pokémon are visible to you alone. A pencil icon which appears next to the Pokémon's name allows you to edit their nickname, no Name Rater needed! (Thankfully.)

Another new feature: you can now "favorite" your Pokémon, which adds your heaviest hitters to an easily accessible list. Let's hope the others don't get jealous.

Power Up

Rare Candy's not so rare anymore with the new update, as Trainers can now use specific items to Power Up their Pokémon — increasing their CP and HP. The items in question are called Candy and Starbust: Stardust is earned by catching or hatching Pokémon, but Candy is a bit more complicated.

Get your Candy at the ready
Get your Candy at the ready

Candy can be used to Power Up and evolve a Pokémon in conjunction with Evolution Shards. When using Candy on a Pokémon with Evolution Shards stored up, the Shards are converted to Candy for the Evolution process.

You earn Candy by catching wild Pokémon, incubating and hatching Eggs, and transferring Pokémon out to the Professor. But Candy is specific to different Pokémon evolution families, the example given being that of Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur Candy is obtained by catching Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur as well as hatching or transferring any pokemon in the Bulbasaur family.

Catch and Release

'Bye Bye Butterfree'
'Bye Bye Butterfree'

Now it seems that releasing your unwanted Pokémon (what a sad phrase) back into the wild is a thing of the past. Rather than releasing them, you now simply transfer them back to the Professor, which prompts this message to appear:

You can't take it back after it's transferred to the Professor. Do you really want to transfer ____ to the Professor?

Well, at least you know it's going to a better place, instead of being heartlessly abandoned in the wild again. Oh, and you get one Candy item from the Professor when you transfer him a Pokémon, so start stocking up on those unwanted Rattatas

What do you want to see in Pokémon GO? Tell us in the comments below!

Source: The Silph Road


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