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Genetics are a mad and confusing game that you basically need to be a scientist to understand, which might explain why the celebs below look so wildly different to their siblings.

From polar opposite-actors to surreally dissimilar singers, below is a list of some of the celebs out there who happen to look nothing like their siblings.

1. Jared And Shannon Leto

They might not share much in the face department, but Jared and Shannon Leto both shared a passion for music so they formed their band Thirty Seconds to Mars together back in 1998.

2. Nicole and Antonia Kidman

Nicole and her sister have totally different skin tones and bone structure, but they both appear on screen. Antonia is a TV presenter in her native Australia.

3. Blake and Robin Lively

Blake's big sister Robin is also an actress, and while they share a career, they have very different looks. You probably don't want a sibling people can confuse you for in showbiz anyhow.

4. Khloé and Kim Kardashian

Most of the Kardashian clan look pretty similar (Kris has some strong-ass genes!), but Kim and Khloé's wildly different heights and facial structures means they don't really look related at all.

5. Andrew, Owen, and Luke Wilson

Yes, all three of these people are brothers. How does that even happen!

6. Ryan and Mandi Gosling

Ryan Gosling's big sister Mandi has a totally different face shape to her brother -- along with just about everything else, really!

7. Bradley and Holly Cooper

Bradley Cooper's sister Holly (right) has they same sparking blue eyes as her brother, but that's about it.

8. Ariana and Frankie Grande

How is it possible that two people can look so similar and different at the same time?!

9. Demi Lovato and Madison De La Garza

Demi and her lil' sis Madison are half sisters, which might explain why they look so damned different.

10. Nick and Kevin Jonas

Without Joe to bridge the gap, it's pretty clear that Nick and Kevin Jonas look nothing alike.

11. Ben, Blaine, and Jennifer Lawrence

It's hard to pick out a single feature that unifies these three.

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Which celebrities do you think look nothing like their siblings?


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