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The Predator franchise is back on the radar thanks to the efforts of director Shane Black, who is bringing the alien hunter to our cinemas for 2018. Black hopes to reinvigorate the series, taking The Predator on a new path that aims to shake off its B-movie trappings and rightfully restore the franchise to greatness.

By the time The Predator hits cinemas, it will have been eight years since we last saw that ugly motherf**ker, but he's never been far from our minds. Over the years, Predator has appeared across all forms of pop culture, and why not? That face alone is rife for parody and his hunting scenes became instantly classic upon the first film's initial release.

June 12 marks the 29th anniversary of the first Predator film, so dig in tight like an Alabama tick and join us as we celebrate seven of the funniest Predator parodies on TV.

1. Robot Chicken — The Sack

Robot Chicken has featured a number of Predator references over the years, often parodying the alien hunters alongside their archenemies, Alien's Xenomorphs. The best of these skits comes from the 2005 episode "The Sack," where the two aliens date on a reality TV show with hilarious consequences.

2. The Simpsons — Bart's Dog Gets An F

The Simpsons is one of the first shows to parody pop culture on a regular basis, so of course, Predator had to show up sooner or later. In the 1991 episode "Bart's Dog Gets an F," the camera changes to the dog's perspective at one point and as we begin to see through his eyes, the sound effects used are the same as those in Predator.

3. American Dad — Joint Custody

Roger never has enough clothes.
Roger never has enough clothes.

The breakout star of American Dad is Roger, also an alien, so it came as no surprise when he revealed that a Predator costume was hidden in his colossal wardrobe.

4. Archer — The Wind Cries Mary

In the 2013 episode "The Wind Cries Mary," Archer discovers Cyril's discarded clothes in the snow and begins to wonder whether he might have been killed by a Predator. Fortunately, Archer soon realizes that this is impossible — Predators only hunt in tropical jungles, obviously.

5. How I Met Your Mother — Desperation Day

How I Met Your Mother's Barney is a serial womanizer, hunting around bars for dates, so it makes perfect sense to portray him as an actual Predator, complete with the alien's trademark clicking sounds and thermal vision.

6. South Park — Butter’s Very Own Episode

Poor Butters can't catch a break.
Poor Butters can't catch a break.

While we don't actually see the Predator in this particular episode of South Park, it's impossible to mistake his unique point of view and those signature crosshairs as they appear on Butter's forehead.

7. Family Guy — 8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter

How the writers of Family Guy came up with the idea of devising a Kramer vs. Predator parody is anyone's guess, but it's still so funny to watch the alien shoot Dustin Hoffman with his trusty shoulder cannon.

As an added bonus, check out this promo for The X-Files episode "Detour." It might be low on the laughs, but the team behind the show couldn't have made the Predator references less subtle if they tried.

Which Predator parody is your favorite?

A face only a mother could love.
A face only a mother could love.


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