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If there's anyone on Game of Thrones you probably don't want to get into bed with, it's Petyr Baelish. Think about it: Littlefinger is responsible for pretty much all the terrible shit that's gone down in Westeros since he orchestrated the murder of Jon Arryn, hand of the King, and Ned Stark set off for King's Landing.

The fact that even after six seasons we don't know what his endgame is makes Lord Baelish possibly the most dangerous man in the realm. Like so many men with tiny eyes, he simply cannot be trusted.

And while Sansa sends a raven his way with a demand for help taking back Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton, a new theory suggests Littlefinger's spies may be carrying out his dirty work somewhere much sunnier than the Vale.

One very eagle-eyed Redditor spotted a mysterious "guy in blue" scurrying through the crowd during Arya's scenes on Braavos at the close of episode 7, 'The Broken Man'. Before reading on, you might want to rewatch the scene. Look out for the guy in blue from 2:30 onwards.

It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it stuff, but after Arya emerges from the water and staggers through the market where the Braavosi people all just stare instead of offering to help (seriously, what's up with that?), a young blonde man in blue robes can be seen swerving to get out of Arya's way.

In the following shot, we see him moving through the market at quite a pace, as if in a hurry to get somewhere... or report something.

Now, I know what you're thinking: that's just some blonde guy with a purposeful walk trying to get his fresh fruit and make it home in time for lunch. But doesn't he look kind of familiar? He should, because he's been popping up basically everywhere Arya has been ever since that first theater troupe performance...

That is quite unmistakably the guy in blue centre-front. He's also watching on from a balcony as Arya takes a leap of faith in the preview for next week's episode:

Are we meant to believe that guy in blue just so happens to have a prime piece of real estate like that square in the heart of Braavos with a perfect view of Arya's parkour route? I'm skeptical, guys.

I find it especially odd that after Arya has dropped out of the frame, the camera continues to linger on the market where Blue Guy immediately catches the eye. He has to be of some significance.

But what does this enigmatic extra have to do with Petyr Baelish?

Cast your mind back to Season 5, when the testimony of Olyvar the male gigolo was used to put convict Ser Loras Tyrell of "buggery and blasphemy" at the Holy Trial overseen by the High Sparrow. With his blonde hair and blue robes, Olyvar bears quite something of a resemblance to Arya's mystery stalker in blue.

The very purpose of Olyvar's involvement with Ser Loras in the first place was the gathering of intel on the House Tyrell, so he has form as a field agent. Personally I don't actually think Mystery Blue Guy is Olyvar — this one looks a little older — but that wouldn't rule out the possibility of him being a spy.

The theory has other flaws. Littlefinger himself hasn't even laid eyes on Arya since way back in Season 2, and she's changed a lot since then. If he sent a spy to track her movements, it would be difficult to give an accurate visual description. In fact, he shouldn't have the faintest clue that Arya is even in Braavos — but then like Varys, Baelish does have his ways.

You can go further in-depth with this theory on Reddit if, like me, you have several hours spare to spend consuming insane theories about a television show — like why Arya will kill Jaqen and the Waif in Episode 8. Maybe. Check out the preview for that ep, the ominously-titled 'No-One', above, and tell me...


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