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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Many mothers will tell you that birth can be as terrifying as anything from a horror movie. My mother in particular was always keen to regale me with the horrific tale of how I entered the world, and (maybe because of this) freaky birth has always been one of the horror tropes that truly turns my stomach. Watch a herd of zombies cut to shreds with a lawn mower? No problem! Watch a man flipped upside down and sawn in half? Marvelous! Watch a regular educational video about childbirth? Nope, nope, and NOPE again.

Here's a selection of 9 horror movie pregnancies and births, each of which are truly revolting and / or disturbing in their own way.

1. Rosemary's Baby

Released: 1968

Who's pregnant? Naive housewife Rosemary Woodhouse is tricked into bearing the Antichrist.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? Fortunately for Rosemary, she is heavily sedated when her unholy spawn is delivered. Unfortunately for Rosemary, her newborn has daddy's eyes...

2. Seeding of a Ghost

Released: 1983

Who's pregnant? A woman resurrected from the dead after her brutal rape and murder.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? What starts akin to the Alien chestburster rapidly descends in a wild orgy of blood. When this baby needs feeding, RUN.

3. Honeymoon

Released: 2014

Who's pregnant? Bea (Rose Leslie) goes missing on her Honeymoon, found naked and confused in the woods by her husband. She never displays the normal signs of pregnancy, instead growing distant and odd scars on the inner thighs.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? The mysterious offspring she bears is not human, nor is the gore-smeared thing sliming out of her it any recognizable creature at all...

4. American Horror Story

Released: 2011—

Who's pregnant? Vivien Harmon, pregnant from a ghost-rape in American Horror Story: Murder House. The pregnancy in American Horror Story: Asylum (brought to term after an unsuccessful coat hanger abortion) is not much more pleasant.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? Poor old Vivien unwittingly gives birth to the Antichrist. Oops.

5. Devil's Due

Released: 2014

Who's pregnant? Samantha (Alison Miller) wakes with Amnesia after a night out at a weird club in Paris.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? Samantha experiences nosebleeds, uncontainable rage and a hunger for raw meat during pregnancy. All signs point towards something unholy.

6. Seed of Chucky

Released: 2004

Who's pregnant? In a meta-twist, actress Jennifer Tilly — who voiced Chucky's bride, Tiffany — becomes pregnant, but there's doll magic and voodoo involved.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? A slightly more light-hearted take on the freaky pregnancy trope after all that post-natal trauma, but no expectant mother would want to be in Tilly's shoes here!

7. Dawn of the Dead

Released: 2004

Who's pregnant? Luda (Inna Korobkina), who has been bitten by a zombie.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? The birth goes about as well as you would expect a zombified pregnancy to end... with a zombie baby.

8. Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Released: 2011

Who's pregnant? Bella (poor, poor Kristen Stewart) is a human bearing a vampire baby.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? Sure, it's not a horror movie, but the birth is truly horrific. I can't recall another actual horror movie that sees daddy vamp chewing a weird hybrid baby out of human momma.

9. Inside

Released: 2007

Who's pregnant? Young mother Sarah (Alysson Paradis) survives a car crash while pregnant, but worse is in store for her.

What kind of freaky pregnancy? The actual pregnancy is going quite well, it's just the botched caesarean at the hands of a totally bonkers woman that gets disturbing!

What's your favorite horrific horror movie birth?

Source: Youtube, Imdb


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