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Marjolein Schriemer

Horror Movie Facts

This project started out as a school assignment that became much more. In the beginning of making this video I wasn’t so sure about the subject, mainly because the original idea was suppose to be with real facts. During my research I started to realise that the real facts are a bit boring. So, I dug a bit deeper and I found fictional facts, this made the movie a lot more fun.


So, I made a list of facts and asked my Irish friend to do the voice over. At first I had a jazz song in the background to make it sound bit happier, but we didn't really like it and changed it to what it is now. I liked making this video because, of course, I love horror. And, who knew that ninja’s are the real reason for all the unexplainable stuff in most horror films!?

If you liked the video and you want to see more like this one. Then leave a comment with the subject you want to see and it might be the next video!

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