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Warning: Contains Spoilers for the season finale of The Flash

The sophomore season of CW's Flash ended with one of the biggest storylines of the Flash's comic book history. For those of you who don't know, Barry's decision to save his mother starts a series of chain reactions that alters the world of DC Comics. Bruce Wayne's death and Aquaman's war against Wonder Woman are just two of the major plot twists that occur in consequence to Barry's choice to travel back in time and save his mother from the Reverse Flash.

The comic book series titled "Flash Point Paradox" is a major DC event and it's a wonder that DC Entertainment allowed the creative team behind the hit TV show to use it given that they tend to reserve major characters and storylines for movies. Whatever the reason, their grant has secured a splendid follow up for the third season.

Who Will Be Season 3's Big Bad?

What is still unknown though, is who will be Season 3's Big Bad. The showrunner has thus far not given any information as to who the Scarlett Speedster will face next, but I feel like Mirror Master might be it. Firstly because the creators of the TV Show on their San Diego Comic Con Panel said something similar before Season 2 began, and as they were not able to incorporate him in the second season, it makes sense if they would reserve him for Season 3. And while Mirror Master doesn't have a big role in Flashpoint Paradox as opposed to say Captain Cold (who actually becomes a hero, named Citizen Cold) or Grodd but his presence is enough for the writers to use him in a bigger way.

The name Mirror Master has been used mainly by two people (Scottish) Evan McCulloch and Sam Scudder. Sam Scudder is the more mainstream name of the two and was used in the 1990's Flash TV Series. He also fought against the Flash and Green Arrow in a Batman show a long while back. Sam Scudder doesn't has an appealing a backstory as McCulloch but that just increases his chances of getting picked for the TV Series since Evan McCulloch has a pretty dark history. While Sam Scudder gained his powers in prison after spending most of his time obsessing over mirrors, Evan McCulloch's history starts back when he was a child. Being raised in foster care, he gets sexually assaulted at the age of eight and ends up drowning his prosecutor. He grows up to become an assassin for hire and on an assignment comes across his next target, his father. Grief stricken he tries to meet his mother to apologise for killing his father but finds her dead after having committed suicide prior to his arrival. He is then enrolled in the Suicide Squad by the Government where he picks up the mantle of Mirror Master.

Evan McCulloch's story could make a HELL of a back story but CW will probably choose to go with safer alternative, Scudder, and choose to mix elements of McCulloch's story with Sam Scudder, even though the version of Mirror Master in Paradox is McCulloch.

Regardless which version they use, if rightly done, Mirror Master can become a great villain, especially if they can tie him to Heat Wave, Captain Cold, Trickster, Killer Frost or Captain Boomerang. All these villains have been colleagues of Mirror Master and have already shown up in Flash. Mirror Master's role hasn't been confirmed yet, but after two seasons there's a strong likelihood of him showing up. So keep your eyes and ears open for casting rumors about a tall lean (possibly British) man.

Who would you like to see as the villain in Season 3 of The Flash?


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