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Whether it is a bad brother, misunderstood vampire or sinister teen, we all love a good villain. They make the series more unpredictable and the seething looks, sarcasm and schemes make them all the more lovable. Eventually, slowly but surely when things go wrong, they will have you sympathizing (if not rooting) for them.

5. Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer

One of the most scathing and narcissistic characters on current TV, Lucifer — who actually originated as a side character — moves to Los Angeles to help its inhabitants and to find their darkest desires. Not as smooth as he thinks, it is refreshing to see him challenged and rejected by Chloe and knocked down a few pegs. Do not get me wrong, he is on this list because he (literally) unleashes hell on the criminals he tracks down and there is little proof he has anything to do with it.

If you haven't seen Lucifer yet, check out the series preview below:

4. Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries

Possibly my favorite vampire, Damon Salvatore is the equivalent of the devil on your shoulder. Being ruthless, self-obsessed and bloodthirsty are not the best of personality traits. Nonetheless, he progresses through each of the seven seasons to eventually become quite a softy, finding love and loyalty outweigh the need to kill (or ruin his brother's life). He still pushes the boundaries occasionally with his quick wit and taste for revenge, but at least now he has the right intentions. If the rumors are true and Ian Somerhalder will bow out along with Kat Graham at the end of Season 8, it may be time for the show to end on a high note instead of dragging it out without another two main characters.

3. Roman Godfrey - Hemlock Grove

Roman is slightly less focused in his villainy than Damon, but the chain smoking, drug-taking, confused teen has his own appeal. His obsession with blood is initially unexplainable while his sarcasm and self-hatred is ever present. He plays the obnoxious rich boy impeccably and, although starting off moral and loyal to the people he cares for, he slowly becomes more evil as the seasons pass. After learning he is half Upir, he ends up on a downward spiral and starts to become everything he hates about his mother. He is higher up on the list than Damon because, frankly, nothing opens its jaw like that.

2. Tate Langdon - American Horror Story

"I don't want to hurt you! Though I do have to kill you."

A psychotic teen or something else entirely? Tate has a warped view of the world, wanting to kill people so they can escape the pain of life. Despite this, strangely, all you want to do is help him. Unbelievably intense yet so vulnerable, it is as if he needs Violet to love him for the sake of his sanity. Yes, he did some pretty unspeakable things in Season 1, but I am praying for another Tate Langdon character for Evan Peters in Season 6 to come and shake things up. He is a true American Psycho.

1. Niklaus Mikaelson - The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

"Klaus, what have you done?" This is the most comment question I ask myself in his scenes; it is almost as if his very existence is only fulfilled by revenge. Whether it is his true love's boyfriend's mother, his own mother, his step-father, the entire Petrova family or just random citizens of Mystic Falls or the French Quarter, nobody crosses him and gets away with it. His power as a hybrid and an Original makes him, arguably, more dangerous than everybody else on this list. His humanity comes from his love for his family and love of pretty women — somewhat similarly to Damon. If there were another crossover between the spin-off and original show, this is a team up I would love to see. An authentic supernatural psycho is one who walks away as if nothing has happened with a clear conscience and reinvigorated conviction, which he does on countless occasions.

Each of these villains makes their series more interesting with their lies and betrayal and are, perhaps, the reason why most of these shows have lasted for so long.

Who are your favorite paranormal villains? Let me know in the comments!


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