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Bless my boots! After being cancelled by ABC, country network CMT has saved the day, picking up 'Nashville' for its 5th season!

Its a Christmas miracle in June! Your favorite southern musical soap opera, Nashville, is living to die another day, thanks to the network it should have been on all along, let's be real. Country music cable network, CMT, has inked a deal to officially bring the show to them for its 5th season, and Nashies everywhere are shouting for joy! Not just that, but Nashville will also continue to stream on Hulu just 24 hours after each new episode airs on CMT, so fans will continue to have the same access to the show as when it was airing on ABC. The deal was headed by Lionsgate, who owns the show. CMT president ,Brian Philips, commented on the exchange, saying:

“CMT heard the fans. The wave of love and appreciation they have unleashed for Nashville has been overwhelming. Nashville is a perfect addition to our evolving lineup of big music specials, documentaries and original series. We see our fans and ourselves in this show and we will treasure it like no other network. Nashville belongs on CMT.”

Nashville was one of the more shocking cancellations to come from the masses this past month. It garnishes over 8 million weekly viewers, and is particularly popular with the most sought after demographic, females aged 18-34. CMT also states that of around 180 broadcast drama's since 2012, Nashville sits pretty at number 20. So it would seem CMT just landed on a gold mine, especially since the show is made for CMT's exact audience, country music lovin' folks who don't mind a little drama! Hey, maybe if the show had been on CMT all along, it would have done even better in numbers, who knows!

Now, bringing a show from a POLAR opposite network to a new network can be tricky. Networks are counting on and crossing their fingers that the audience follows, because it is never a guarantee, especially when the new network is a cable or much smaller one. CBS recently sent Supergirl flying over to the CW in order to save it. With the CW being a much smaller and lesser known outlet, Supergirl could see significant ratings drops. Could this happen with Nashville? While I do think there may be a slight loss, simply due to audience's access to cable networks, I actually think all the changes that will come with the network transfer will make it better then ever. So what can we expect? Let's take a look, Nashies!

Bigger, Better Guest Stars!

OK, CMT is the literal home to country music's finest, and Nashville is set in the universe of CMT and country music! While Nashville already has an impressive guest star list, I suspect that list if going to gain the names of even more country music greats and newbs! Luke Bryan, anyone? Please?!?

Playing On The Home Field

Like I said, Nashville is literally based on the world CMT exists in in real life. It's like CMT behind the scenes! So now the show has the home court advantage. Nashville could now be integrated even more into the country music world, crossing over to other shows and award shows, and bigger and better tours with more country music artists. CMT KNOWS the real workings of the Nashville country music industry, and now we have their wealth of knowledge to contribute to new engaging story-lines and character development.

They're Back

Maybe the best part about this? None of our favorite cast members are a casualty! While they most likely are in the middle of re-inking cast's contracts to adjust to CMT, so far, everyone is coming back! Deacon, Rayna, Juliette, it's on ya'll!

So all in all, I think Nashville's move to CMT was one of the best moves in television in a long time. The show will find new life and be re-energized existing in the atmosphere it was written about. As a fan of the show, I am thrilled, and am currently listening to all my favorite Nashville hits to celebrate. Saddle up, Nashies! To CMT we go!

No information has been released about the show's time-slot on the network, or a season 5 premiere date, but stay tuned!


Are you happy to see 'Nashville' heading to CMT?


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