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James Wan over the years has become a household name when it comes to his horror films. He writes, directs, and produces some of the largest horror films we have today. I've always been a fan of his writing and directing. He knows just how to spook the audience and keep them guessing what he will do next. With the release of his new film The Conjuring 2 this weekend, I not only decided to have a horror film marathon of his films only. I've also decided to write an article on his great films. First off I will start with the incredible and infamous SAW.

Saw speaks to me on many levels. From being a horror fan, to a lover of life in general I was able to connect with this gruesome yet brilliant film. Saw was Wan's directorial debut. The film grossed over $100,000 million dollars which made it one of the most profitable horror films since Wes Craven's Scream in 1996. The film also introduced one of the genre's most notable icons Jigsaw. Wan was able to not only create an amazing, chilling, and thought provoking horror film. He was able to start and build on a foundation that created a whole franchsise. While some fans may complain about the franchise going on for too long, or that it only exercises the toutrue porn aspect of the genre. I stil command James Wan on making the franchise and being mature enough to let others direct and write within the franchise as well. He's one of the few filmmakers who can make something great and still be able to recognize that others have the potential to suceed as well within the franchise. The next Wan film I want to mention is Dead Silence.

Dead Silence was released in 2007. It was a great horror film with a twist. Of course the usage of dolls within the film helped the creep factor immensely. However the interetwining story plots, flow and pace of the story, and the images alone were something I can't and will not forget. Mary Shaw one of the main characters of the film was terrifying. I remember being creeped for weeks after seeing the film. The chemistry between her and Billy was intense and distrubing. Billy the doll was memorable for many reasons. It was yet another doll that Wan was introducing to horror fans and he was very different than Jigsaw. He was silent, cold, and extremely unsettling. The next film I want to mention is one of my favorites of James Wan.

Insidious released in 2010 was one of my favorite horror films and still is one of my top films. The concept alone was quite interesting. While it had a Poltergeist feel to it there was something so unique about the film. It was capitvating and remarkable to say the least. The film's sound design alone was chilling. This was just the start to an amazing franchise. The Insidious films are so different and unpredictable. Wan certainly knows how to keep his audience engaged. The images and storyline are so scary, its unnerving. It's so well written and fleshed when it comes to the entire franchise, you don't care how outlandish and far out the concept is when it comes to reality. I can definitely veg out to Insidious comfortably knowing I will be entertained.

The Conjuring is one the scariest horror films fans have had in a while. The experince of this film was one of a kind. I saw the film 3 times in theaters just to make sure I got the full effect. There are many storylines within the film that connect perfectly to each other. From the Warrens, to the family, to Annabelle you were always trying to keep up and put two and two together. I can't describe the feeling of terror I had when I first saw the film. I personally love the fact that you can always tell when Wan has directed the film. He has his own sense of style that is genious. Without the films being to familair, you already know what to expect horror wise from Wan. The Conjuring was so great there was a second film released, and let me tell you...It's something you don't want to miss.

The Conjuring 2 has some of the most terrifying visuals I've seen in a film in a while. I was very aprehensive going into the theater becasue horror sequels usually end up being unnceccsary or the same exact film as the first but with a different title. However, the setup, to the backstroy, to the present situation in the film was not only intense but very satisfying. Without giving spoilers I have to say if you thought the first film was intense get ready for the sequel. Go check out The Conjuring 2 in theaters now!


Will you be seeing The Conjuring 2 in Theaters this weekend?


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