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You might remember master of makeup and special effects Josef Rarach of Prague's Studio FX from his morbidly gorgeous Zombie King creation. The first time he rocked our world, his Steampunk Zombie makeup and prosthetic project at Zombiewalk Prague 2014 scared the hell out of us — and went totally viral.

Well, he's back with a new project, and has he ever got a treat for us with this one. He calls it "Hollywood's Devil," and it more than lives up to its name, because I, for one, would happily sacrifice a firstborn or two if it meant seeing this guy star in his own movie. Check it out, and judge for yourselves!

Below, you'll find some work-in-progress shots of the creative process, and some behind-the-scenes fun. But first, we can thank these talented people from Studio FX for this terrifyingly awesome work of art:

  • Contributors: Josef Rarach (owner), Ven Saranin and Vlad Taupes
  • Photo by: Ven Saranin (The Best), Hollywood, California.
  • SFX Actor: Josef Rarach
  • SFX Makeup: Vlad Taupes & Josef Rarach (studio Studio FX Creator, Prague)

Now, enjoy the incredible work of art. And while you scroll, imagine what a movie or even a TV show from these talented artists might be like. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and these definitely have a story to tell. I'd love to see it unfold on the big screen.

The Question Is - Hero Or Villain?

Have we found our incredibly badass leading man, or the scourge of all humanity? Is he scary-looking but ultimately misunderstood, like Hellboy, or the X-Men's Beast — or is he really just here to wreck the place and turn us all to cosmic dust? I could see it go either way.

Hey, that field could have deserved it!
Hey, that field could have deserved it!

Behind The Scenes - The Making Of Hollywood's Devil

Sometimes, getting a look at the creative process can as much fun as seeing the finished gorgeous product. Check out these work-in-progress shots!

The pics below show a really fascinating step - the plaster molds of the facial makeup and prosthetics. You wouldn't really think that before applying the artistic disguise directly to a human face, you'd need to make a working model, but that's exactly what happens here. Wait until you see the horns.

And, what might be my favorite photoset from the project: the out-of-character moments. I just love seeing the blending of fantasy and reality, don't you?

Even The Devil's Gotta Spend Some Time Off The Clock

Getting some Hellboy vibes. That's not a bad thing.
Getting some Hellboy vibes. That's not a bad thing.

My other favorite part of behind-the-scenes pics — or informal selfies like the one up there — is looking at them next to polished promo shots. The difference is always fun to see, and seeing them together gives you a deeper appreciation for all the work that goes into crafting the final product. And enhanced images like the one below give you an idea of what a movie might be like, which just makes me want one more. There's some amazing potential here.

Now that you've seen for yourself, what do you think? I'm not even asking if this guy deserves more screen time — I think that's pretty much a given. This design is amazing, and the Prague FX crew has done an incredible job of bringing the Hollywood Devil to life.

The only remaining question is, if the Hollywood Devil rocked the big screen, would he do it hero or villain-style? Sound off in the comments!

But please, keep all commentary respectful. Remember that this talented artist is a human like you - even if it really doesn't look like it today - giving us their work on their own time, for the love of the art. Rock on, and see you again real soon!


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