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Hello everyone!

If you're reading this, that means you have some interest in learning about the Teen Titans remake, Teen Titans Go. When this was first announced it received a lot of backlash because everyone wanted the original one back.

Well, I can honestly say that this show has become a favorite of mine. I went in with the same expectation as many other fans, but I was pleasantly surprised. Hopefully this list will change your mind enough to give it a try.

One: The Humor

This is the first thing that drew me in to the show. I was watching my 4-year-old nephew that day so I figured it was an appropriate time. Come to my surprise, it is loaded with humor that even adults would find funny. Well, if you find the original Spongebob funny you'll like this. As an example, here is a photo of one of my favorite episodes in season 3 titled 'Leg Day' and for good reason.

Leg make out optional
Leg make out optional

In this episode, the Teen Titans are caught by Raven just working out their arms. They are so gracefully informed by Raven that she is working on legs instead of her arms. They throw jokes her way and proceed to start making out with their muscles in a huge ball shown here.

The episodes get pretty interesting after that when they can only beat the monsters attacking with their legs. I won't spoil anymore.

Two: Same voice actors

This may only interest some who were super hard into the original but, every voice actor for the Teen Titans has come back to reprise the roll they once filled. Nothing like hearing the same voices from 9 years ago come back. A small detail to some a big one to others.

Three: Same characters

I'll explain a little more on this one. The characters still reprise the same habits they had in Teen Titans. Beast boy still loves raven and Robin still likes StarFire! And of course, Cyborg is still his serious/silly half robot half human self. From the moment I heard them speak I knew, this is going to bring back some memories. And I mean, who doesn't love Raven and all her darkness. Plus, StarFire is still her silly innocent self. And last but not least, Beast boy is still his green transforming self. The cast is all accounted for. Some of the humor might not be as adult, but trust me, it's still around.

Four: Interesting episodes

I have to say, some of the episodes get pretty weird. This is not a bad thing at all. The first episode of season three is about robin wanting Starfires affection so bad, he becomes a cat. Not a literal cat of course. He dresses up as one and eats cat food and meows and scratches things the whole episode. It was pretty interesting to sit through. He does all this cause he sees starfire go all googly eyes over a cat she finds. Trust me, you have to watch this one to understand the severity of the lengths Robin goes to.

Another one is the episode I mentioned above called 'Leg Day' I have never seen people legitimately make out with muscles. I know it's not real people but the effect is the same. Once they all go into a ball I lost it. You need to check this episode out everyone. I don't want to spoil any more for you so onto number five.

Five: Throw Backs

Last but not least are the throw backs to other shows. They reference everything from Sailor moon to Garfield. This just adds to the fact that they have something for everyone. Also, this goes to show they still recognize the age of people that still may watch this show. You never know what old show will pop up next.

In the end, it is up to you as a person to give this show a go. But, I recommend ignoring all the hate this shows gets and just sit down with it for a while. It'll grow on you.

Are you a fan of Teen Titans?


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