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This is awful news. Our prayers are with Christina and everyone involved.

The Voice and Youtube star, Christina Grimmie, has been critically shot at her scheduled concert in Orlando, Florida tonight. Details are slowly emerging, but Orlando police did confirm there were 2 victims, and Christina was one, along with the shooter himself.

Reports indicate that the male shooter opened fire on Christina while she and the band, before You Exit, were signing autographs, then was quickly tackled by her brother, and turned the gun on himself to take his own life. This occurred around 10:45 pm ET. Officers have not mentioned a motive for the shooting, and referred to Grimmie's brother as a hero for attacking the gunman.

No further information has been released at this time on her condition. Christina was performing alongside teen pop band, Before You Exit, tonight in Orlando, and the shooting didn't occur until the event had ended.

As a huge fan of Christina's from her time on The Voice in its 6th season, where she finished in 3rd place, I am devastated by this news. She is so young, only 22, and so full of talent. Christina rose to fame on Youtube singing covers of popular songs, and then competed in The Voice, nearly winning, and gaining a multitude of fans.

Fans and stars immediately took to Twitter to voice their support for the star, and prayers of well wishes for Christina in this horrific situation. The hashtag also began trending on Twitter.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Christina Grimmie and her family. She is an immense talent. Will update as more details emerge.


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