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Short horror fiction is to horror fans what water is to plants, it feeds us and we simply cannot get enough of it. There also seems to be a massive cache of fans for audio horror as well, with many YouTube channels containing hours upon hours of original tales of terror. So after being a MASSIVE fan of these for so long, here's my first stab at the audio-horror sub-genre. First though, we need to go back in time a short while...


Back in 2013, Glasgow based company 'Popcorn Horror' launched the "100 Words or Less Horror Competition" and invited Horror writing auteurs to enter their short tales. These would later be compiled into an e-book with original artwork, which you can find here.

Art by C.R Murray
Art by C.R Murray

Hearing about this I couldn't resist having a go and figured I could create a little moody piece within the 100 words. I first wrote a short story called Breath about a man visited by the Grim Reaper.

I felt the icy breath touch the back of my neck one more time. I began to tremble uncontrollably, there was no denying it, something stood behind me in the shadows. The room seemed to grow colder. From my chair I could see the flames flicker in the fireplace, as if some unseen breeze had crossed them. I dared to look into the window and saw clearly the reflection of a dark shape behind me, but more unsettling was my own outline. I was drooped in a manner I did not understand, then the voice spoke out "time to go".

After this one I wrote my second and final entry Knock at the Door which was in the style of a poem. After I finished the piece it occurred to me I'd created something that was a clear homage to Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven.

I've made this into a creepy audio piece, narrated by Howard Ellison (More of his work here) so give it a listen if you dare.

Time went by and to my absolute surprise I received an email telling me knock at the Door had won the competition! HURRAH!! Not only did I get the status of having the winning entry and getting published in an e-book collection, but also I won an assortment of prizes.

Lovely prizes....especially the Cthulhu Teddy
Lovely prizes....especially the Cthulhu Teddy

This is my idea of horror heaven - Creepshow 1+2 and Trick'r'Treat on DVD, The works of Edgar Allen Poe, an H.P.Lovecraft graphic novel AND a cool Cthulhu teddy. Hours of entertainment right there, I'm so glad I grabbed my pen and gave this a go.

Listen to the excitement from my younger self below!

So finally having recorded this tale I'm planning on releasing more audio horror in longer forms on my YouTube channel so be sure to SUBSCRIBE now and you won't miss any of my future efforts. Plus I make Horror Short-films as well so go check them out today...go on :)

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