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Andre The Giant Biopic Announced

With recent news that a biopic of Andre the Giant is in the works, fans immediately asked the obvious question: Who will play him?

A few names have been thrown into the hat, but no name surfaces as much as that of Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn's. Nairn played the character Hodor for most of the series' first six seasons. Not many actors could match Andre the Giant's 7'4" and 500 pound frame, but at 7'0" and 400 Ibs., Nairn could make it work. They have played similar characters too.

The Gentle Giants

Left: Hodor Right: Fezzik
Left: Hodor Right: Fezzik

Andre "The Giant" Roussimoff is known to wrestling fans as the Eighth Wonder of the World, but to the rest of the world he is known for his role as Fezzik in the 1987 classic The Princess Bride. Fezzik was a lovable giant of a man that people feared on sight, but was really a simple person.

L: Fezzik in The Princess Bride R: Hodor in Got
L: Fezzik in The Princess Bride R: Hodor in Got

Kristian Nairn's character Hodor was also a simple, lovable character, who was even rumored to have giant's blood. Remember when Osha mentioned it when she saw him naked?

Who Else Could Play This Role?

Other names mentioned include:

Robert Maillet - This former WWE wrestler has appeared in an impressive list of films and shows, including Pacific Rim, 300, and Sherlock Holmes. That being said though, his roles have been more featured than starring, often utilizing his appearance and size more than a showcase of acting talents. The French Canadian Maillet has the accent as well as the height, but he would need to pack on some weight.

Robert Maillet in Sherlock Holmes
Robert Maillet in Sherlock Holmes

Paul "The Big Show" Wight - Wight is a popular choice among wrestling fans and certainly has the size — and the wrestling scenes would be second nature; but does he have the acting chops to pull off the lead role in a feature film?

Left: Andre the Giant Right: The Big Show
Left: Andre the Giant Right: The Big Show

With the popularity of Kristian Nairn in the role of Hodor, casting him would certainly be well received, but who would you like to see in the role?

If you want to learn more about Andre the Giant himself, see here and here.


Who do you think should play Andre the Giant?


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