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Back in 2015 around the time school was going to start and everyone was dreading they had to go back, Universal Studios, Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment came out with an announcement that a Warcraft movie was on it's way.

Now let's look at video game movies. First of all a bunch of them have sucked, were pretty bad or just fell down the pit of death. But when Warcraft was announced, the world seemed to be okay with it. Even though Blizzard was helping out with it, the world was just okay with it.

When the trailers started coming out, the characters for the movie and the posters of everything fans were starting to get excited. They started to see similar events from the game being put into the movie.

Warcraft hit theaters along with the "Conjuring 2" yesterday. Now if you read critic reviews keep in mind some of them, may not even know what Warcraft is. (I had no idea about this movie, but thankfully my husband did). But the fans of the game, lore and books are loving the movie as we speak.

In this review let's review the trailers that added up to the movie, the main characters in the movie, alliance and horde and then please choose a side.


November 3rd the world got a teaser for Warcraft:

Now if you are lost and had no idea what was just going on, it's okay you weren't the only one. But this teaser caused many mix feelings from "OMFG I love it, I just fainted and watched it like 100 more times" to "This looks so stupid why are they even making a movie?" to people like me who were like "I have no idea what just happened."

BUT...thankfully 3 days later, the trailer came out:

Now we can see from this trailer that orcs are bad, humans are good and they are fighting for one home. We see that the orcs invaded where the humans have lived and die to this, a war starts.

When this trailer came into view Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and (pretty sure) Instagram all blew up with WoW fans across the globe. While people were trying to guess what was going to happen, many were happy the trailer didn't reveal too much.

When November passed and 2015 came and went 2016 was here. Warcraft was on silent and fans had on trailer to review till they repeated every word, that is until April we were shown a new trailer:

Now besides all the action going on, once again we are only given the main story and what we as people or fans need to know what this movie is going to be about. I both these trailers we can confirm that this is a fight between orcs and humans and which one gets a home.

The two trailers each provide the some of the same clips, a dialogue and we can see that setting is going to be in many different places. But with all this in mind we at least have a story to tell.

These trailers also are very loyal to the movie. Every scene and every word you hear you can guarantee they will be in the movie. (I bring this up due to "Paranormal Activity"). The trailers also shows off its CGI (how many times have we complained the CGI is bad?) If you play Blizzard games, then you know how beautiful their CGI can be. The trailers are giving us hope that the CGI they are using is out of this world and sadly better then what most movie companies can give.

All in all, the trailers for a movie are meant to reveal main characters, story and the basic of a plot. So far we have one side wanting to KEEP their home, so they will fight to keep it, while the other side wants to MAKE a home to they fight to make a home. Two worlds: orc and humans, One home (if I just blew your mind...thank you)


The characters play a huge role in the movie. The actors for this movie did a very well done job as their characters. Now please don't let the names scare you, in fact it took me a while AFTER the movie to remember everyone's name and get them down.

Let's start with the horde side.


Durotan The Rebel

Chieftain of the Frost Wolf Clan, get to know him and his actor in the trailer below:

So far we know he's a chief, a father a husband and struggling to understand Gul'dan's motives. In the movie we see he is a loving and kind chief to his clan. He sees that Gul'dan is wrong and it is destroying everything, including their first home.

Towards the end Durotan challenges Gul'dan to prove a point to the orc they need to stop following him. He uses magic in the wrong way and he does not follow the orc way. During this battle Durotan get's his soul sucked out and dies, this is so Gul'dan can keep ruling, even if its out of fear.

Durotan still follows and believes in the orc way. The orc way is to fight honorably, and to the death. This means you fight till one is dead and the other is alive. This also means you can NOT flea a battle or call in a buddy. You must fight to live or be killed by the other orc.

Garona-The survivor

Garona is a half draenei, half orc who is treated like an outcast. Watch the trailer below to know more:

She has gone through many hardships where the orcs have broken her bones, bullied her and treated her as though she is an outcast. Not knowing what she is or where she belongs she sides with humans first and then she sides the horde after being reffered to as an orc.

She is reffered to as an orc when King Llane suggests to kill him. Since he remembered her saying if she killed the queen it would bring her great honor. The king then suggests if she kills him, she would be a hero and the fighting would stop. She does as she is told and Gul'dan takes her in as an orc.

Although in the game she was an assassin, in the movie she is more portrayed as a wounded orc/draenei. Not knowing who trust and also trying to find herself as well. We learn of her past in knowing that her mother was burnt alive for having her and ever since then she has been treated like an "it" and was put into slavery.


Lothar the warrior

Lothar or Anduin Lothar is the captain of the kings army. He is very protective of his men and the king. Check him out in the trailer below:

Lothar is head of the army team and is set on knowing what is threatening the kingdom. We can see is a very skilled person in war, and swordsmanship. He does have a son who he worries for, but can see a spitting image of himself in him.

During a battle scene when Medivh (the guardian) is helping out, building a block for the orcs and humans, his son gets trapped on the other side. While he tries to fight through barrier and yell at Medivh he watches as he son gets slain in front of him. (and the orcs walk off as if they just had a "drop the mike" moment)

Lothar in the movie is portrayed as a sarcastic yet serious type of person. He is set on protecting the kingdom and also has little to no trust for people he has met. His back story is told the night at a bar as Gorona comforts him in his time of lost. Telling him about the time his son's mother died and how he blamed him for it and how he regrets it after all this time.

(important note SO READ!!! There is no LOVE STORY in this!!! There is chemistry and husband and wife talk. But no actual love story.)

Khadgar The Seeker

Khadgar is young mage aka wizard who has quite the character development through out the film. Check him out in the Trailer below:

Khadgar is quite the book worm when the movie starts out. He is studying to become the next guardian of to protect the kingdom. We see how a real college student should be acting. (Well done Warcraft)

Medivh we come to learn is possessed. We learn of this due to Khadgar seeing fel magic in his eyes. As the final battle is starting, we see that Medivh helped Gul'dan open the gate for the orcs to pass through. During this time as the spell is being spoken, Khadgar come up with a plan on stoping Medivh. With the help of Lothar, who lores him into a fountain. Khadgar is making a spell to transfer a titan into the fountain with him so he can trap Medivh and get the evil out of him. The plan works and Khadgar releases the evil inside Medivh, after this medivh reverses the spell and lets the trapped humans into Azeroth.

Khadgar back story happens due to the lack of belief his trainer had in him and why his parents left him behind. Due to this he got to learn about the magic in the universe and during this time he also learned how to sense the fel aka dark magic aka evil magic.

So why all this back story for our main characters? Why so much character development? Why so much betrayal and the most important one, why so much awesomeness?

First off all we need to know our characters. We need to know why they are fighting what caused them to fight and we also need to make a connection with them. Second I think the character development is to show us that no matter what struggles these people go through, they will stand up and fight. And third well its an action and fantasy movie need I say more for awesomeness?

Alliance or Horde (please choose a side)

Fight for the Alliance

Fight the Alliance
Fight the Alliance

do you stand with the alliance? If you join the alliance you are most likely human and you do not want to give up your homeland. From the alliance we can see that these people are trying to keep their home. they are defending their home from the orcs so they do not take their home over. If you stand with them you will mostly likely be solider with a sword or spear holding a shield with a lions crest on it.

fight for the Horde

For the horde
For the horde

Are wanting a new home? If you join the horde you most likely a orc fighting to have a home. You will being living in different clans with a chief, yet look like a village. Your main weapons will be your strength (blood-lust fists), animals, hammers and axes. Your weapon or clothing will most likely have the horde crest on it.


So we have two sides, four main characters to follow and one big plot line to follow for two hours. Warcraft is an exciting movie that is bring fantasy to life again. Two sides are fighting for a home. One wants to keep the peace in the land of their home (the alliance). While the other is finding a home, wanting peace among their clan and people. (the horde.)

Warcraft has beautiful CGI. If you have ever played a Blizzard games you know how well their animation can be. In the big screen you get a first seat to see how well they mix it in with humans. The green screen at times you can't even tell its there.

The story is well written and its also written for those who don't get Warcraft or like me have never played. It is based off of the game Warcraft but according to a few also lores and books. The story progresses in a pretty fast time but I think that is all for times sake.

Warcraft game
Warcraft game

The music in this movie is so epic I almost want to get out my set of drums and start playing. The music flows well with the scenes and at times as characters are talking or sad parts, or happy parts or parts were people are all dying, you feel as though you are experiencing that mood or your actually there. This is what you hear as the opening logos are going:

Don't give up on fantasy Hollywood. Please everyone give this movie a chance. Just because critics are saying its bad, doesn't mean the fans agree. Warcraft has the fantasy factor we all have loved. I am looking forward to the hopeful squeal.

What did you think of Warcraft and which side do you stand for?


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