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I'm sure everybody and their grandmother has seen The Force Awakens by now and if you watched the film, you probably know that Kylo Ren is the son of Han and Leia, but what if i told you that his parents are really Leia and Supreme Leader Snoke? You would probably think i'm insane and you have every right to. But with my evidence, i hope to prove all of you wrong.

Han and Leia have both met Snoke

To begin with, it is known that Snoke's manipulation and some form of child neglect is what caused Ben's fall into the dark, now i want you to think for a moment, why would Han Solo and Leia Organa who are two rebel BADASSES, would let a person like Snoke come anywhere near their son, well here's the reason why. A year after the Battle of Endor, Snoke ends up meeting Han and Leia, after figuring out that Leia is the sister of Luke Skywalker, Snoke decides to impregnate Leia, after Han finds out, it causes friction in their marriage, at the same time, Ben ends up getting neglected as the result of it and since Leia allows Snoke around him (since he is the real father) it gives him the perfect opportunity to manipulate him and Ben turns to the dark side as a result.

Kylo's mental issues

Now everybody at this point should know that Snoke is an alien and that Kylo has some mental health disorder, now since Kylo has a human mother and an alien father, he would be considered a human-alien hybrid, now i'm not a science genius, but i am pretty sure that if you were a hybrid, a lot of problems would come with that including mental health problems.

Kylo's scars

Now if you compare Kylo's scars to Snoke's scars you would notice that they are very similar, now why does this matter? because when he's fighting Rey, she beats him and scars him in a lightsaber duel despite having no experience with lightsabers before, the reason why she is able to do this is because the force gave her this power to scar Kylo as a message that his father is Snoke.

Kylo doesn't feel any darker after killing Han

After he kills Han in order to turn further into the dark side, it seems that Kylo doesn't feel that he has gone any further, why? because Kylo didn't kill his real father, since he didn't kill his genetic father, Kylo didn't go any farther, you'd think killing your father would make you more evil.

It's interesting

We know that they are trying to make another i am your father scene in the upcoming films, what makes this so interesting is that it has been told to us that Han is Ben's father, saying that Snoke is his real father is interesting because it also makes the story go deeper into Kylo's origins and it causes more internal and external conflict within him.


Do you think Kylo is not who he thinks?


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