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If you're a fan of Arrow, you have read, seen, or heard about the intense dislike certain fans have for the character of Felicity Smoak. Some fans are so adamantly against her they beg for writers to kill her off, claiming she has ruined the show.

As a fan of the IT girl from Star City, I don't understand why viewers feel that way about her, nor do I see how her character alone has degraded the Arrow we know and love.

Here are four reasons why I think Felicity has been more asset than bad news.

Felicity Offers Much Needed Levity for An Oftentimes Dark Show

Even in Season 4, in which the team faced Damien Darhk, Felicity had a witty retort or two. While it didn't always lighten the mood, it did remind us that she is, at heart, the same IT girl Oliver found working on the bottom floor of Queen Industries.

People may not like her humor, but a show that dangles on the edge of darkness every episode needs a light moment every now and then.

Felicity Is As Smart As They Come And Has Saved The Team More Than Once

While not everyone will agree that she is a necessary component to Team Arrow, Felicity has proven her worth time and again. A whiz with technology, she has guided the team through some rough spots.

Just to name a few... It was Felicity's tech knowledge that saved half of the Glades when she talked Quentin Lance through disarming the earthquake device.

  • She saved Oliver's life when she brought him to Diggle after his mother shot him.
  • She saved Oliver's life by bringing Barry back to the lair when she realized she couldn't help him alone.
  • Felicity stopped Damien Darhk's drones when he attacked the Bay.
  • Felicity determined the ingredients in the face cream that the Dollmaker was using and put herself in harm's way to bring him out into the light.

And that's only five times. She has proved her usefulness and dedication to the team over and over. For that, she deserves as much recognition as the masked heroes.

Felicity Stands Up To Oliver When He Is Going Down The Wrong Path

Not all heroes make the best decisions, and Oliver is well-acquainted with choosing the unwise course of action. Thankfully, Felicity has reined him in, sometimes right before he could take a step that would put the entire team at risk.

Remember when she convinced him that he wasn't done fighting when he was ready to throw in the towel with Deathstroke? How about when she forced him to confront his own insecurities right before he fought Ra's Al Ghul? And the epic way she reminded him that there is light within him before he fought Damien Darhk? Felicity has made a difference in Oliver's life, as well as the lives of her team members.

Felicity Has Given Oliver The Love He Has Never Found

While some fans will insist that Oliver belonged with Laurel Lance, writers chose another path for him. That can't be blamed on Felicity, especially since she honored his desire to forego the relationship to remain a hero. In the end, she did not pursue Oliver; he pursued her.

To say that love has changed Oliver would be true; however, it wasn't the romance between Felicity and Oliver that brought Damien Darhk to Star City. She wasn't responsible for Laurel Lance's death, and the brief happiness Oliver found with her didn't make Oliver weaker. If anything, it made him stronger. Hers was the first voice he heard in his head that allowed him to take on Damien Darhk and survive.

In addition, Felicity was a friend to Oliver before they became romantically involved. He relied upon her as a friend and a partner, and his trust has not been misplaced.

All in all, I don't see how Felicity has ruined Arrow. She's witty, strong-willed, super-intelligent, and has amazing chemistry with all the other characters. To me, she is an asset to the show, and I can't imagine her not being a part of Original Team Arrow.

What do you think? Has anything I wrote here changed your mind about Felicity Smoak?


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