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In a recent interview with Collider during the promotional tour of Now You See Me 2, they started talking about Mark Ruffalo's role in the upcoming sequel Thor: Ragnorok. Ruffalo provided a little more insight to the character development of the Hulk in the movie. As not to make the entire interview about Mark Ruffalo, Collider asked Woody Harrelson if he ever wanted to be in a superhero movie. "Big interest. In fact, I would love to be part of that Marvel Universe."

Woody Harrelson said that while he was on an airplane, he watched Deadpool. He thought it was "phenomenal" and "the writing was great." You have remember that he has some connections to Marvel. He mentioned that that Deadpool was written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the screenwriters behind the 2009 movie he starred in, Zombieland. Not to mention, Woody Harrelson did star in Defendor the 2009 superhero comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Stebbings. He's no slouch to wearing costumes and saving the day.

Which Marvel Heroes Can Woody Harrelson Play?

This lead me to think about the types of characters Woody Harrelson could play in future Marvel-based movies. I came up with this list of 5 characters he could be in an upcoming Marvel movie.

1. Anthony Ludgate (Doctor Druid)

I know what you are thinking, "Who the heck is this dude?" Before I get into this character's background, let me explain why this guy is perfect for Woody Harrelson. You probably know by now that Woody Harrelson is starring in Now You See Me 2 as Merritt McKinney with Mark Ruffalo and Jesse Eisenberg. His role in the group of magicians is the hypnotist. He is familiar with playing a character than can control the mind of others. So I dug around and found a cool character that could take the Merritt McKinney to the next level.

Anthony Ludgate was a psychiatrist that decided to study the occult. On his way to learning everything about this subject, he was summoned by an ailing Tibetan lama. After the lama put Ludgate through a series of tests, he was found worthy enough to learn the mystic arts. One of the powers he learned was to psychically mesmerize others, often casting illusions directly into their minds. Once he mastered his powers, be become Doctor Druid. It turned out the lama was The Ancient One in disguise. You know who else The Ancient One trained? Doctor Strange! Later this year, the Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch is being released. Wouldn't be cool if Doctor Strange gets a sequel, and Harrelson and Cumberbatch team up to conjure some Marvel magic?

2. James Madrox (Multiple Man)

I finished watching the first season of True Detective and the movie Triple 9. Woody Harrelson plays a convincing detective in both features. I went through my mental list of masters of deduction in the Marvel universe. There are many possibilities depending on how you define a detective. Since Woody Harrelson's characters in both shows required him to use his wits without any technological or scientific, i focused those Marvel heroes that did the same. You probably thought about Daredevil. Well true, Daredevil does have a knack for solving crimes, but Jamie Madrox ran a detective agency in the X-Factor comics.

Madrox has the ability to duplicate himself. And those clones can go and learn new things. Which means he can absorb those new experiences when the clones merge back into his body. Imagine if one of Woody Harrelson's detective characters could become a walking encyclopedia. Then he could figure out why X-Men: Apocalypse struggled at the box office.

3. Ulysses Archer

Woody Harrelson could totally rock out Ulysses Archer aka US Ace who has an alien plate in his head that allows him to pick up CB communications and control his truck with his mind (teletruckenisis). Now you think I'm crazy, and don't believe this character exists. But he does. I swear. The reason I picked this guy is because he's teamed-up with Deadpool to help fight crime. Woody Harrelson has starred in Zombieland, which was written by the writers of Deadpool. His character, Tallahasse, is southern and swears like a trucker.

4. Death's Head

Oh yeah, Death's Head! Have you seen Woody Harrelson's portrayl of an overly confident bounty hunter named Carson Wells in No Country for Old Men?

No other bounty hunter is as cocky as Marvel's Death's Head. Ok, maybe DC's Lobo. But we are sticking with the Marvel universe. Death's Head is a robotic body intended for the Mage named Lupex. The body in question was stolen by his wife Pyra after Lupex had taken over her lovers body. Pyra took the robot away and provided it with programming, so it one take revenge on Lupex. Soon Death's Head body emerged as a bounty hunter, and he traveled through time to capture whoever he was contracted to find.

I think it would be a hoot to see Harrelson donning a robot outfit and jumping around time and space to fight the Fantastic Four or even appear in one of the Transformers movies.

5. Dominic Fortune

Woody Harrelson has played several characters that were soldiers in war: Thin Red Line, The Messenger, and even Haymitch Abernathy was a soldier in the Hunger Games franchise. He's explored all the struggles and illnesses that people in war go through during war and when they come home.

Dominic Fortune did have pilot episode on ABC starring Delroy Lindo. But I think this is the perfect character for Woody Harrelson. He's already familiar with soldier roles, and Dominic Fortune has fought during World War II beating up Nazis. He was even recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D at one point. I can very much see Woody Harrelson as Dominic Fortune popping up in an Captain America movie.

Who do think Woody Harrelson can play in a Marvel movie? Who did I miss?

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