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Paul Rudd has always been one of my favorite actors in Hollywood and I feel like he's been underrated for years, that is until Ant-Man, of course. Ever since his comedic role as the size-shifting, ex-con, superhero, Paul Rudd has been given the reputation of being The Avengers' funniest hero. In light of his hilarious role in Civil War, I thought it would be fitting to count down the actors best 5 roles. Let me know your top 7 in the comments!

** I won't be counting Civil War in this list **

7. Role Models (2008)

First up on our list is the 2008 comedy where Paul Rudd stars alongside Sean William Scott in a film where the pair form an unlikely bond with kids after spending community time with them. In most of Paul Rudd's films, he usually plays the nice guy, but in this hilarious outing he plays a very annoyed and cynical man who seems like he hates everything. We get some classic rants from Paul Rudd in this, especially with this memorable scene (see below).


6. This is 40 (2012)

This is 40 is the result of Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann being so funny in Knocked Up that they got their own spin-off movie. Their cynical and honest marriage with the troubles of family and kids are emulated hilariously in this Judd Apatow directed movie. Scenes like Rudd trying to go on his iPad in the bathroom and sneaking a bite of a dirty cupcake are golden moments from this film, but the very best scene is the one below which put Melissa McCarthy on the map for her on the spot improvisation acting.


5. Clueless (1995)

Fresh-faced Paul Rudd plays Josh in this 1995 cult classic, also starring Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy. This is Rudd's earliest film of this list being 21 years old this year and it's amazing how it's still funny as ever! Rudd's geeky comedy was completely shown off in this teen-flic which saw him show amazing chemistry with Cher's character, Alicia Silverstone. Skip 32 seconds in the below video to see some classic Paul Rudd when he was only a young adult!


4. The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

Fast forward 10 years from the last film on our list and we get another cult classic in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Once again, Rudd isn't a main character in this film, but he still manages to steal every scene he's in. His scenes are by far the most memorable in the whole film, with my personal favorite being the hilarious; "do you wanna know how I know you're gay?" banter he has with Seth Rogen. Most of these lines were improvised and if you thought they were funny, you should check out the bloopers! In saying that though, any of Paul Rudd's bloopers are great and sometimes they're funnier than the film itself.


3. I Love You, Man (2009)

In an age where there's one bro-com for every ten rom-com, I Love You, Man seperates itself from all the rest. For me, this is the greatest bro-com of all time with dozens of quotable moments from start to finish. Paul Rudd and Jason Segel's chemistry would make you believe that they're actually best friends in real life (which they are) and who could forget the greatest line in the whole film? Slappin' da bass.


2. Ant-Man (2015)

Ant-Man stands as one of Marvel's biggest risks to date and the pay-off was huge. After earning millions in the box office both domestically and globally, earning praise from fans and critics and most of all, shutting down the haters who said the film would be bad without Edgar Wright. Paul Rudd really put himself on the map after this film and gave us one of 2015's best action/comedies.


1. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Some people might think I should have put Ant-Man number one, but as good as a film it is, it doesn't come close to Rudd's immense performance as Brian Fantana in Anchorman. He is probably the most quotable character in an already hilarious film. Along with Steve Carell and Will Ferrell, their chemistry is fantastic to watch that gives up dozens of quotes, with the best one being the one below.


So that's my ranking of Paul Rudd's films, let me know your favorite in the comments below and don't forget to follow my page for more articles like this!



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