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As the show celebrates its 15th anniversary we have to ask: Where are they now? Six Feet Under first aired on June 3, 2001 and aired its final episode on August 21, 2005 on its fifth season. Created by Alan Ball, the HBO drama was centered around a dysfunctional family that owned and operated a funeral home. Who knew that millions of viewers around the world would fall in love with such a family?

Ever wondered what happened to the beloved cast of ? Well look no further, because here are all your favorite stars from Six Feet Under!

Frances Conroy (Ruth Fisher)

Frances Conroy is best known for having guest spots in the medical drama Royal Pains and hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Her biggest break since Ruth Fisher was appearing in . Conroy appeared in the first four seasons, and with her upcoming lead role in the TV adaptation of Stephen King's The Mist, it is unlikely that she will return for Season 6.

First words: "Nathaniel? It's Ruth. Did you take your blood pressure medication today?"

Last words: [to Claire] "You gave me life."

Richard Jenkins (Nathaniel Fisher)

Richard Jenkins is well known for his role in the 2008 comedy Step Brothers and Cabin in the Woods (2012). He is said to be starring in Guillermo del Toro's upcoming film.

First words: [singing] "I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me."

Last words: "It only gets closer David."

Peter Krause (Nate Fisher)

Peter Krause's most notable role since Six Feet Under was appearing as one of the main characters in Parenthood (2010–2015). Krause can now be seen in the crime-thriller series The Catch.

First words: "So I enjoyed talking to you about that whole shiatsu thing. I really hope that pans out for you."

Last words: "You can't take a picture of this. It's already gone."

Michael C. Hall (David Fisher)

Michael C. Hall went on to star as the lead in the hit crime series Dexter (2006–2013). Hall also starred in Kill Your Darlings (2013) and will star alongside Tony Goldwyn in the upcoming film Felt (2017).

First words: "That new hearse was a total waste of money. There was nothing wrong with the old one."

Last words: [Claire "Be happy."] "I am."

Lauren Ambrose (Claire Fisher)

Lauren Ambrose went on to star in many sci-fi projects, such as the A&E miniseries Coma (2009). She also starred in the series Dig (2015) and voiced a character in the film Where the Wild Things Are. Her most recent appearance was in the 2016 reboot of The X-Files.

First words: "David, it's Claire. Is Nate there yet?"

Last words: "Oh, I want to take a picture of everyone."

Mathew St. Patrick (Keith Charles)

Mathew St. Patrick is well known for his role in Alien Raiders (2008) and his four episode run on Son's of Anarchy. He will be starring in an upcoming short titled Extinction, which is set for release in 2017.

First words: "Hey, I just want to remind you, don't eat too much with your family tonight alright, because I am making you something totally decadent and fatty for dessert."

Last words: "Come here."

Rachel Griffiths (Brenda Chenowith)

Rachel Griffiths appeared in the films Step Up (2006) and Saving Mr. Banks (2013). She is best known for her role as Sarah Walker, in the family drama TV series Brothers & Sister (2006–2011). She is currently filming When We Rise, a gay rights miniseries set for release in 2017.

First words: "You should let me work on you sometime."

Last words: "To Nate."

Lili Taylor (Lisa Kimmel Fisher)

Lili Taylor's most notable role since Six Feet Under was playing Carolyn Perron in The Conjuring (2013). She also stars in the series American Crime alongside Felicity Huffman, and will feature in the highly-anticipated Leatherface.

First words: "Nate! It's so good to have you back home."

Last words: [to Brenda in a dream sequence] "You're never going to have your happily-ever-after moment, no matter how many white veils you put on honey. You're just too fucked up for all that. Maybe you should just accept that, instead of trying to be something you're not."

Freddy Rodríguez (Federico 'Rico' Diaz)

Freddy Rodríguez went on to star in Lady in the Water (2006) and Planet Terror (2007). He is better known for his role in the television series, The Night Shift (2014–2015).

First words: "Nate! What's up?"

Last words: "To the future."

Jeremy Sisto (Billy Chenowith)

Jeremy Sisto's most notable roles were starring in Law & Order (2007–2010) and Suburgatory (2011–2014). Sisto recently starred in the comedy film Girl Flu.

First words: "Don't mind me."

Last words: "I felt some emotional closure was necessary. This is something that I have spent a lot of time working...Bren?"

James Cromwell (George Sibley)

James Cromwell's role as George Sibley is still one of his most notable characters. Roles after Six Feet Under include The Artist (2011), American Horror Story: Asylum (2012–2013) and Big Hero 6 (2014). Cromwell will be appearing in the upcoming HBO miniseries The Young Pope.

First words: "No, I'm here for Dorothy Su. Am I in the wrong place?"

Last words: "To Nate."

Trust me, Six Feet Under is a roller coaster ride full of shocks, laughs and tears, plenty of tears. The show is still highly regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time and has one of the best finales in TV history.

Who was you favorite character? Leave a comment below!

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