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On June 17th 2016 the much anticipated 'Finding Dory' will hit the screens of the USA and then the rest of the world. A whole 13 years of waiting since the release of 'Finding Nemo' back in 2003. The story followed a Clown fish called Marlin who was searching the oceans for his son Nemo who had been snatched from the edges of the Reef. It proved to be a dangerous and exhilarating adventure and he met many characters we came to love along the way. This included the lovable, forgetful and innocent Dory whom our latest film centers on.

Unfortunately however there is a big threat now facing all the Dorys of the world!

Blue/Regal tang.
Blue/Regal tang.

The Threat For Dory

So back in 2003 we watched 'Finding Nemo' and a lot of Children and even Adults were enthralled with the colorful Clownfish, which led to a spike in the amount being sold as pets and often taken from the wild. This had a dramatic effect on numbers of the species out in the Coral reefs and also led to a lot of cases of neglect. This may not have been a purposeful act but many people do not realize the care that goes into looking after tropical species and they are not as hardy as a goldfish.

Clownfish (Taken in Brighton Sea Life Aquarium).
Clownfish (Taken in Brighton Sea Life Aquarium).

The big concern now is that the same thing will happen to the Blue/Regal Tang. Unfortunately however this would be even worse then for the Clownfish, the problem being that they cannot be bred in captivity. This means that every single Tang that people want as a pet will have been taken from the Sea. Often this is done using harmful chemicals which destroy the reefs. Also Corals need fish to help clean and care for them and without them will deteriorate and die. We have seen this already around the world and need to stop the destruction. Coral reefs produce more oxygen than any of the rain-forests so we need them to survive.

So please as much as your child begs you for a Dory fish, find a pet that is a little more a puppy! And take a visit to your local aquarium to view fish in a safe and sustainable environment. But do go and enjoy the film and learn lots about the plight of marine creatures. Fun Fact-All Clown fish are born Male and the strongest becomes the female in the group...Now have a little think back to Marlin and how he grew throughout the film!


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