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Marvel's Captain America: Civil War introduced us to the Sokovia Accords, which divided the Avengers on two sides – Pro-Registration and Anti-Registration. The Sokovia Accords required all superheroes to register with the United Nations, and allows the UN to govern and control their actions. This led to a conflict of interests, as some heroes believed that their actions were causing too many civilian casualties and unwarranted destruction of property, while others believed that the government and the UN could not be trusted, and that it would impede their ability to intervene where their assistance was required.

As we all know, Team Iron Man, consisting of Iron Man, War Machine/War Hammer, Spider-Man, Black Widow, The Vision, and The Black Panther were pro-registration, while Team Captain America, including Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man were anti-registration.

However, how would this scenario play out if instead of the Avengers, the Justice League from the DC Universe were facing the Sokovia Accords? Let's find out!


The Martian Manhunter

J'onn J'onzz is the last survivor of his race. Unlike Superman, who didn't know about his origins until he was already an adult, J'onn witnessed the death of everyone he knew, and the destruction of his home planet – Mars. As a result, he now lives on Earth, and has sworn to protect the planet. However, looking at the casualties and collateral damage from superhuman actions, he would probably be one of the first heroes to sign their name on the Sokovia Accords, it he would consider it to be the best course of action possible to protect as many lives as he can.


Although Victor Stone may not seem the type of hero who would work for the government, it is essential to consider that he has suffered a tremendous loss (losing half his body) at a very young age. In order to make sure that no one else suffers the same fate, he would most likely sign the Accords in order to put himself, and his fellow superheroes into check, so that their actions cause minimal collateral damage.

Green Lantern (John Stewart)

Coming from a military background (former U.S. Marine), John has no problem following orders from senior government officials. He also realises that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the protection of the planet. And if the United Nations wanted him to sign the Accords, he would probably do so without too much hesitation.

Captain Marvel/Shazam

Although he is one of the most badass heroes in the DC Universe, Shazam/Captain Marvel is only a kid at heart (metaphorically and literally). He also realises how essential it is to make sure that the people feel safe around superhumans. With an increasing number of people suffering from their battles, he would probably want to sign the Accords to make sure that the loss of life is minimised, and the economical damage is also reduced.

Green Arrow

The Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is the protector of Star City, and similar to Batman, is a billionaire vigilante. However, a key difference between their personalities is that the Green Arrow isn't as stubborn, paranoid, or overprotective as Batman. He would see the logic behind the registration act, and would probably sign up for working for the government and the United Nations.



Let's start off with the obvious one. Batman barely trusts his allies, there's no way he is going to follow orders from the government. Batman is extremely paranoid (and for good reason, you can't trust a lot of people in Gotham), and would never allow the government/UN to control his actions. It would also interfere with his constant vigilance of Gotham, which he simply wouldn't allow. There's also that little matter of his secret identity being revealed to the public, which - knowing Gotham City - won't be too good for Mr Wayne.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess who fights for what she believes is right, in order to maintain peace. And although the best course of acton to maintain peace in the world would be to sign the Accords, she would never follow any orders by the government/UN, as she believes that freedom is more important than anything else. Plus there's the matter that she doesn't fully trust them either, and she would never follow someone she doesn't trust.


Aquaman is the King of Atlantis, and his domain covers about 70% of the planet. Atlanteans are extremely proud and nationalistic, and would never bow before "surface dwellers". Signing the Accords would mean surrendering the freedom and safety of his people and kingdom, and as a good ruler, Aquaman would never allow this to happen.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Hal Jordan has always had trouble following orders, especially from people he doesn't trust. He certainly wouldn't trust the government, and would not sign his name on the Accords. Plus there is the fact that he is one of the protectors of Sector 2814, assigned to him by the Guardians of the Universe, and a member of the Green Lantern Corps, which means that the protection of the planet if his primary concern. His activities and effectiveness would be limited if he were to follow orders from the government.

Black Canary

Unlike the Green Arrow, Black Canary is more serious, and carefully considers the impacts of her actions. Similar to other heroes on the Anti-registration side, she would identify the potential problems and risks with the registration act, namely the fact that superheroes won't be able to intervene and help anyone without approval from the government and/or the United Nations, and would therefore choose to not sign the document.



Contrary to what many believe, Superman does not follow orders from the government. Even though various cartoons (Justice League Unlimited) and comics (The Dark Knight Returns) have depicted him as someone who wouldn't hesitate in following the government's lead, Superman would most likely remain neutral, for several key reasons. Firstly, Superman is too powerful. The kind of power he possesses could be dangerous in the wrong hands. By signing the Accords, the government would have full control over his actions, and he would be unable to stop them from doing whatever they wanted.

Secondly, Superman would ultimately, be conflicted. Although he deeply cares about civilian lives and the damage he causes, he also realises that the best way to protect civilians is by possessing the freedom to intervene and act at any moment required. Thus, he would probably remain neutral and not participate in this conflict.

The Flash (Barry Allen)

Although many people would expect Barry Allen to sign the Accords, he too, like Superman, would be conflicted between both sides. On one hand, he would want superheroes to be held accountable for their actions and be monitored, he would also realise that this would severely cripple their ability to fight crime, particularly on a smaller scale. That is something he wouldn't sacrifice. Ultimately, he would probably choose to stay neutral and out of this conflict of ideologies.

These characters have been around for decades, and have gone through several drastic transformations over the years. This makes it extremely difficult to judge as to whether they would be in favor of the Sokovia Accords/Superhero Registration Act, or against it. Either way, it is extremely debatable.

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