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So every year on the Discovery Channel we get treated to an entire week of Jawsome action and this year won't disappoint! Starting in 2 weeks from the 26th June we get to see deep into the lives and abilities of the some of the coolest and specialist animals on the planet. So here are some of the things to eagerly await and when you can get your fix of Predatory action. Before we get started though, here are a few facts to entice you into the prehistoric life of the Creatures from the deep.

  • Sharks have been on our planet for over 400 million years
  • Each shark can get through up to 30,000 teeth in their lifetime
  • Sharks have a sixth sense and can sense electricity
  • On average 5-10 people are killed by sharks every year...last year more people died whilst taking selfies and from vending machines.
  • Around 70 million sharks get killed for shark fin soup every single year!!!

And without further-ado here's what's coming your way this Shark Week...

1. Tiger Beach.

There are 5 species of Sharks out of around 500 which have been know to attack humans through choice and one of those is the Tiger Shark. This program aims to show you into their lives and find out more research about this dangerous predator. Tiger Beach is the name of a beach in the Bahamas which is Just a 3 hour boat ride from Miami, Florida. It is said to be swarming with this species due to the warm climate. Definitely the program to watch if you have a specific interest in this Shark and the generalized Shark family. You can catch it Sun June 26 8/7c.

Tiger Shark
Tiger Shark

2. The Return Of Monster Mako.

Next up 'The Return of Monster Mako'. Yep you guessed it, this focuses on the Fastest of the Sharks, the Mako shark! Again one of the Dangerous 5, this shark has been know to reach speeds of 50 MPH. Again a more specific program on this species if you wanted to find out about the way this shark is built and has evolved to be so fast. Airs Sun June 26 9/8c.

Mako Shark.
Mako Shark.

3. Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off.

So this one I picked for the must-watch programs because that title is too Fintastic not to want to watch this. The marine world is full of incredible spectacles and as gruesome as it may sometimes be, watching predators do what they were built to do is an amazing thing. Its what sparks an interest in so many to explore the world of these perfectionist hunters. In this we will get to see how one of the smartest mammals in the world will try to protect itself and escape from Sharks but inevitably we all know the outcome. If you have a weak stomach this one may not be for you. You can see it Wed June 29 10/9c.

Great White Shark
Great White Shark

4. Jungle Shark.

Next up is one you have to watch if you didn't know about how incredibly the Bull shark has adapted in survival. A salt-water predator that has adapted to swim up rivers into fresh water and survive. This looks into the relationship between the Bull shark and the American Crocodiles that live in these rivers and how they live side by side. It is a real feat for nature to be able to survive in both these marine habitats and also makes it incredibly deadly. Many people have been attacked by bull sharks when swimming unaware in peaceful rivers, not knowing the abilities they have. Watch it on Thu June 30 10/9c.

Bull Shark.
Bull Shark.

So this was just a few of the ones to look out for on the week. For the full list of Shark entertainment visit the Discovery Channel Shark Week Page. They also have lots more fun filled shark information and all you need to fall in love with this beautiful creature.

Will you be watching Shark Week?


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