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Jay Vergara

I had the pleasure of attending The LA Cosplay Convention yesterday at the Long Beach Convention Center. It was a one day event filled with fun panels, great human beings, and some pretty amazing cosplay. I wanted to take a second to share a few favorites with you while I try to remember who everyone was. I met a lot of people. Also, there may have been some drinking.

1. Evan Ohl

2. Emilie Bada-Boom

3. Ashlynne Dae

4. Trisha Hershberger

5. Blaster Guardian's Cosplay

6. Maid of Might Cosplay

8. Vertvixen

Those are only a handful of the awesome people I managed to meet at the convention floor. It was a pretty solid event all around and much busier than I expected. It's always cool to watch cons grow and I can only imagine how much bigger it will be next year. So if you're in the LA/Long Beach Area and love cosplay, then keep an eye out for this con. It'll be fun. Trust.


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