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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Season 6 of Game of Thrones. If you haven't seen the latest episode, then perhaps it'd be best if you go back to the previous page. Hurry up and get caught up — remember, Ramsay Bolton doesn't like waiting; he doesn't like to be bored!

After another incredible episode Game of Thrones heads into arguably its most anticipated battle next week, and with only two episodes in the season left, things are about to get a whole lot worse for our favorite residents of Westeros. Take a look at the promo for next weeks episode below, "The Battle of the Bastards."

Wow. Judging from the sneak peek, this episode will focus on only one storyline, and that is of course the epic showdown between the two bastards — Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. Both were absent from the most recent installment, but their presence has been felt throughout the entire season, as Ramsay holds Rickon in his grasp and Jon and Sansa have been rallying together to build an army strong enough to take on the warped Bolton leader. There's not much to analyze this week, as in typical Thrones fashion, the trailer gives us very little aside from anticipation.

Battles Have Been Won With Greater Odds

It's now or never, Jon Snow.
It's now or never, Jon Snow.

Jon seems convinced that thousands of men don't need to die, but if we know Ramsay, then he won't see things that way. Ramsay loves a good fight and, more importantly, would relish the opportunity to spill as much blood as possible, so there is no way this battle won't end in casualties. But who will come out the victor?

I've Fought Beyond The Wall Against Worse Than Ramsay Bolton

Let the battle commence.
Let the battle commence.

I'm with Sansa on this one. Jon may have taken on White Walkers, but Sansa is right: Jon doesn't know Ramsay and he's letting his assumptions cloud his judgment. The evil Bolton bastard locked Sansa away after raping her; he also mutilated Theon and emotionally broke him. Ramsay might not have abilities like White Walkers, but he is certainly evil and Jon needs to realize what he's dealing with before it's too late.

If I Fall, Don't Bring Me Back

Downfall or uprising?
Downfall or uprising?

It appears Jon is telling Melisandre that if he fails to reclaim Winterfell, then she must let him die and stay dead this time. If we remember back to when Jon was first resurrected, Davos told him to go and fail again, meaning that this new life that Jon's been given is his second chance to get things right. Since Winterfell is involved, this is personal for both Sansa and Jon, but it's also about getting revenge and saving their brother. I can't see Ramsay going down without a fight, but the Starks do defend their honor and the North most certainly remembers.

It's going to be one tough fight! Will this be the end of Ramsay Bolton and his sadistic torture methods? Or will Jon Snow's revival be short-lived? All this and more on the next, action-packed episode of Game of Thrones! Remember, our watch may be ending, but not without a fight. Let the Battle of the Bastards commence!


Who do you think will win the Battle of the Bastards?


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