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As most of you know, Hugh Jackman has played the role of Wolverine for 16 years, and after Wolverine 3 he will be done playing the iconic character. But what's going to happen to this character? How will the X-men universe move on without Jasckman as this character? Well, here are a few possibilities of what could happen after.

1. X-23

The rumor of X-23 taking Wolverine's place in the X-men universe has been going has been going around for a while and the character was even proposed to Fox by Brian Singer.


For those of you who don't know, X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine who has basically all the same powers. With what we saw in the post credits scene, when Essex Corp takes a vile of Wolverine's blood, I think it is very likely that this will happen.

2. Recasting

Recasting for a character like Wolverine, who has been played by Hugh Jackman since 2000, is something that would be difficult. But is it impossible?

Comic Book Wolverine
Comic Book Wolverine

I recently read a theory(I don't remember where) that Wolverine could do something like Doctor Who. Wolverine has regenerative healing powers and cannot be killed unless every cell in his body is completely destroyed. So, if Wolverine would be killed, it's possible that he could regenerate. I'm not talking stabbed in the heart, I'm talking almost completely annihilated. Having only a few cells left, his healing factor begins forming a new body with a slightly different face. I think this is a way that they could recast Wolverine.

3. Leave the Character Alone

This is actually one of my least favorite ideas for what to do with Wolverine, but hear me out on this. Hugh Jackman has done an amazing job playing Wolverine and that would be a hard role to recast or replace.

The character has been in 8 movies and has had the same actor for all of the movies. It could be time to say goodbye to Wolverine. I doubt that it would happen as the character is a big part of the X-men universe.

What Will Happen to Him?

I honestly think that the X-23 theory is most likely to happen, but I also think that recasting the character could happen too. We will have to wait until after the Weapon X movie to see what will happen to the character.

What do you think will happen with Wolverine?


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