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We have already looked at Saw and Saw II, but now it is time to wrap up the beauty of the first trilogy by re-examining Saw III. The first era of the franchise wrapped up in 2006 with the release of Saw III, and it not only served as a gateway into the four films to follow, but it gave us a lot of closure. We were given greater insight into characters like Amanda Young, Agent Kerry, and Eric Matthews, with the filmmakers either showing them their way out of the franchise or giving them a greater purpose for us to look forward to learning about.

Since 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Saw III (wow), I figured, what better way to celebrate than to look back at some little known facts about the film? Did you know that this was the first Saw film to feature nudity? Or that J. LaRose was a Darren Lynn Bousman regular? Well, if you didn't, here are 10 more things you might not have known about.

10. Saw co-creator Leigh Whannell has a cameo

Saw co-creator Leigh Whannell makes a brief cameo, reprising the role of Adam from the first film. It's not much, but you can see a lot more of Adam if you watch the Saw III director's cut.

9. The first edit was over three hours long

Director Darren Lynn Bousman's initial edit was ultimately trimmed to 121 minutes with the help of longtime Saw editor Kevin Greutert.

8. The script features real medical terminology

Leigh Whannell definitely did his research while writing the scripts for the franchise. For Saw III, he interviewed various surgeons at UCLA Medical Center to make sure the medical terminology used in the film was accurate and within context.

7. The bathroom set was borrowed from another film

Set designers managed to recreate the bathroom from scratch for Saw II, but they didn't have the luxury of doing it a third time. Production wound up borrowing the bathroom set from Scary Movie 4 and adding minor details to make it look more accurate.

6. Filmmakers called on a friend to help with editing

After receiving an initial NC-17 rating, Darren Lynn Bousman called in the help of fellow filmmaker to obtain an R-rating from the MPAA. Zombie had previous experience editing around gore for the MPAA with his films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects.

5. The entire film was shot in one location

Similar to most of the Saw franchise, the entire film was shot in one big warehouse. It features no on-location, exterior footage.

4. Filming began without a completed script

Unlike the previous two films, Saw III began production before Leigh Whannell had a completed script. A lot of scenes featured improvised dialogue and actions, with the most notorious being Amanda's post-surgery assault on Lynn.

3. Leigh Whannell had his own intentions with the script

Originally, Whannell had intended to have Saw III be the end of the franchise. Obviously, Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures had other plans and Whannell wrote in clues for future films, but it was ultimately Whannell's final Saw film.

2. Tobin Bell designed his own lair

Tobin Bell was extremely involved in the development of his character and wanted to make sure his living space was as perfect as it could be. He worked closely with set designers in designing John Kramer's lair in the warehouse.

1. Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith connected on a personal level for the sake of their characters

In addition to Tobin Bell wanting Jigsaw to be as perfect as possible, he also pushed for his character's relationships to be realistic. He and Shawnee Smith devoted hours of free time together getting to know each other personally so their on-screen relationship was believable and natural. This included taking walks together, giving each other gifts, and anything else they imagined John and Amanda would do with each other.

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