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Unless you've been living under a rock, you know Gilmore Girls, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, is coming back for one season and one season only on Netflix. There has been much speculation about who from the original cast is going to be returning for the four-part special - *cough* Melissa McCarthy *cough* - but you can rest easy knowing that everyone from Jess Mariano and Luke Danes to Francie Jarvis and Tristan DuGrey will be returning to the beloved show. I'm in the middle of my second series re-watch since hearing the news of the reboot and it's raised a lot of questions for me.

10. Where has Tristan been?

We haven't seen or heard from Tristan DuGrey, played by Chad Michael Murray, since he last appeared in season 2, episode 9! If you need a refresher, his father took him out of Chilton to send him off to military school. Rory was still dating Dean at the time and Jess had only been on the show for four episodes. I, for one, am very interested to hear what he's been up to all this time.

9. How is April?

Most of the fandom blames Luke's daughter, April Nardini, for his and Lorelai's break up. Personally, I blame April's mother because she's the one who forbid April from ever spending any time with Lorelai in the first place. I wonder if that affected April's relationship with her mother at all. April Nardini is an underappreciated character, in my opinion, and I could make an entire post defending her.

8. What's Doula like?

Doula, Liz and T.J.'s daughter, was only a baby in the series finale. That would make her about eight or nine when the new season releases. Jess practically raised himself, so I wonder how different Doula turned out now that Liz has some structure in her life. Or maybe Liz is back to her old ways! Whatever the case, I'm interested to see what happens.

7. Are Kirk and Lulu still going strong?

I don't know about you, but Kirk is one of my favourite characters. When he and Lulu started dating, I was so thrilled for him! He deserves someone that appreciates him for who he is. I hope they're still together! Maybe that's the wedding a fan caught a picture of. Probably not...but maybe!

6. Edward Herrmann's death.

This isn't a question, but it sparks enough of them. Edward Herrmann, who played Richard Gilmore, died on December 31, 2014 at 71 years old. He lost his fight with brain cancer after being in the ICU for three and a half weeks. It's been a year and a half since his death and I still can't accept it. How will this affect the other characters? How is Emily taking it?

5. Did Sherry ever come back?

Sherry Tinsdale is Christopher Hadyen's ex and the mother of Gigi. She left to pursue a career in Paris, thus making Christopher a single parent. (Can anyone say karma?) Let's be honest, Sherry was never going to win any Mother of the Year awards. Plus, she was always really obsessed with Rory? I get that she wanted to get on her good side, but every time she showed up in a scene, all she talked about was Rory! I can't be the only one who noticed how creepy that was.

4. What's Taylor Doose up to nowadays?

I'm sure he's still being a pain in Luke's butt and running his businesses, but what about his personal life? Did he ever settle down?

3. Modern technology??

I'm sorry, but am I the only one that's going to find it strange to see the characters using things like tablets, smart phones, and Netflix? I wonder how Lorelai and Rory are handling having thousands of movies at their fingertips. The pop culture reference possibilities are endless!

2. How are Lane, Zack, and their twins?

When we last saw them, Lane and Zack were married with newborn twins. How are Steve and Kwan? Are they mini rock stars? Is Lane teaching them how to play the drums? Are Lane and Zack still a couple? What has Mrs. Kim been up to, for that matter?

1. What four words?!

Amy Sherman-Palladino hinted at four words she was going to end the series on, but since she wasn't a part of the final season, we never got to find out what they were. It's been confirmed that we will finally find out in the revival and I've been making a list of guesses ever since. "Oi, with the poodles" being at the top of that list.

The revival is titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and is rumored to come out in the fall of 2016. What are you most excited to see in the four-part Netflix series reboot?


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