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Five Batman villains in a nightclub playing cards and discussing their greatest enemy. This is the setting of the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Almost Got 'Im", one of the most iconic (and one of my personal favorite) episodes of the series. Continuing in the same vein, fellow creator Mark Robirds Jr. teamed with some other great creators to bring us a weekly show where Gotham's most wanted get a chance to express themselves. The cast has turned in two stellar performances so far, and there are more scheduled to follow! Here are five reasons why YOU need to be watching this series!

1. The entire cast is comprised of MP creators!

The voice cast of GCPN
The voice cast of GCPN

Mark had the original vision for the series, but he couldn't have done it without the help of some of Movie Pilot's own outstanding and talented creators! Creator Mara Mullikin seems born for the role of Harley Quinn, Kyle Jones rasps out the Penguin like a boss, Autumn Henderson-Brazie puts in a fabulous performance as Poison Ivy, Evan Lee rocks both the "Harvey Dent" and "Big Bad Harv" personalities, and Mark himself puts in an unrivaled performance as Gotham's Clown Prince of Crime!

2. The music

The choice of music for this series' opening thing at once evokes the emotions most commonly associated with old detective films, such as The Maltese Falcon. The music gives a very definite mood to the show, and it really sets the tone for all the events that take place within it.

3. It's so good you forget it's fan made!

Most fan creations tend to fall short of the original that they are attempting to emulate. Or at least, that used to be the case. There was a time that "fan made" was automatically equated with "poor quality". However, thanks to brilliant people like Mark and his crew, (as well as the gifts of modern technology), fan creations have been taken to a new level and have already inspired others (myself included) to do likewise.

4. The Illustrations

Mark's Joker
Mark's Joker

Mark did a great job of balancing the fact that these films are audio only with the fact that people want to stare at more than a black screen. His compromise was to include background paintings and photos of the characters that change to show who is speaking. This keeps things visually interesting without requiring the extra money spent on making a full video.

5. No series is perfect, but this one's pretty close

Let's be honest. Every series, even Batman: The Animated Series had its flaws, its little things that didn't go the way they should've or things that certain people wish they could go back and change. Mark's series is no exception, but I love how he chooses to embrace the (very few) mistakes he has made and uses them as a springboard to make subsequent episodes that much better!

Below is a link to the series teaser, and links to each episode will be provided with my reviews of them!

What do you think of Mark's fan creation? Comment below!


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