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This was the calm before the storm...

*SPOILERS ahead*

The end of Game Of Thrones season 6 is nigh, and while tonight's episode was slow at times, it wasn't any less important. From the previews for episode 9, airing next Sunday, we can see that the war for Winterfell is about to come to a head, so this slower and underrated episode was our calm before the storm. We had reunions, and departures, we had a battle won, and a battle lost. 'No One' brought many characters full circle, and set them in the places they needed to be as the battle for Winterfell erupts.

So, what were the best and maybe most underappreciated moments in Game of Thrones 'No One'?

The Hound

The Hound is back to his merciless ways. Outraged by the slaughter of the religious community he was living in, he finds and slaughters the men responsible. As simple as the Hound is, he's become much more layered this season. He no longer kills out of blood-thirst, but instead to avenge. He's actually fighting for something. In a chance meeting with old enemies, the Hound considers fighting the war against the white walkers. He's a changed man, this one, and I'd credit Arya for that. Now, what this means for the rest of the season? We will find out soon enough.

The Unsullied Tells A Joke

It was a shocking and much needed lighter moment as Tyrion forces wine down Grey Worm and Missandei's throats. He then compels them to tell jokes. Messandei does the best she can,basically failing, but it's Grey Worm who really comes through by unintentionally making a joke. This send Missandei into a fit of laughter, while Grey Worm smiles from ear to ear.

Jaime and Brienne Reunite

We were losing hope the air would ever see eachother again! Jaime and Brienne have a long awaited reunion, only to end with their bitter separation. After Riverrun has been surrendered to Jaime and his army, Brienne sails away to escape, being she fights for the other side, as Jaime watches in despair. Beyond the politics of the war, he and Brienne share an honorable friendship, and the pair have a deep mutual respect. Jaime waves goodbye to Brienne, and she returns the gesture, thus ripping them apart again.

Daenery's Return

Tyrion, Grey Worm, and Missandei panic as the massive armies of masters sail in to reclaim their slaves. Grey Worm tells them that they must stay at the pyramid and protect it, it's their only chance. Just then, a struggle ensues outside the door, someone is breaking in. The soldiers stand at the ready to protect the pyramid. The door soon gives way, and as they prepare for the worst, their queen, Daenerys, storms through. She's returned to her kingdom, and she's brought welcomed friends.

Arya and The Waif

There were a million theories floating around about Arya's fate since the last episode, and all of them turned out to be untrue. The Waif was real, and trying to kill Arya. The Waif comes for her while she hides in the theater, but Arya gets away. The pair end up where Arya's has hidden her trusty sword, and with her wound reopened and bleeding, she cuts the lights, and manages to kill the Waiff in the dark. Arya finishes it by offering the Waif's face to the many face God, and declaring "A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell, and I'm going home."


SO many dots were connected and lose ends tied during 'No One', so much so I had to got through and watch the episode twice to make sure I got it all! I just want Brienne and Jaime to be together an be happy, is that so much to ask? Judging by what next week looks like, we definitely should enjoy the many lighter moments and small victories in 'No One'. In Game of Thrones episode 9 'Battle of the Bastards', John Snow will go head to head with Ramsay Bolton in a fight for Winterfell. This could be it folks, this could decide if the Starks will go home, and if Ramsay will get the painful and violent end we so badly want him to. So buckle up for the final two episodes of season 6, re-watch last night's episode, prepare for the worst, and remember...a girl is Arya Stark, and she's going home!


Do you think Arya will make it to Winterfell and reunite with John and Sansa before the season ends?


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