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The greatest and most well-known superheroes today, all had their iconic upbringings in the past. A superhero's origin is what defines who they are and what they strive to become. Their characteristics were brought about to themselves by all of the struggles they endured and the triumphs that they not only hold dear, but learn from day by day. Nobody is exactly born a hero, it's all about how they grow to become one with people in their lives that influence them, it could be family, friends, and even foes. Heroes serve as an inspiration to others with dreams of greatness.

Enough about what an origin is though, there's a whole variety of astonishing classic tales of the greatest superheroes to ever touch the light. So you know what? It's time for a little peek back at the past that encouraged what we see on-screen today!

Let's check out 9 of the best, and most classic superhero origin stories to be written!

9. Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Matt grew up in Hell's Kitchen with his single father, Jonathan "Jack" Murdock, who was a professional boxer and went by the name Battlin' Murdock. Matt idolized him, but Jack pushed him to make his education his top priority so that he will never become a fighter.

One day as Matt was walking home, he noticed an old blind man crossing the street, Matt quickly reacted and pushed him out of the way of a truck carrying radioactive waste. A cylinder of the waste fell and splashed Matt in the face, blinding him. Matt learned that the waste not only took away his vision but heightened his other four senses. He has a radar sense which allows him to see outlines and shapes when a sound is made. As Matt remained dedicated to his education, he was soon accepted to study law in college. Matt wanted to see his father fight in the ring live, as Jack wanted his son to see him win, he ignored his dirty manager, the Fixer's orders to lose the fight and ending up winning. This led up to the Fixer having him murdered for disobeying him.

As Matt had the goal to avenge his father stuck with him, Matt and his best friend, Foggy opened up a law firm together and Matt promised himself not to take up violence. This began the creation of a second identity that is released from that promise, this identity is named as the devil of Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil. Matt used his heightened senses and hand-to-hand combat skills to bring the Fixer and other criminals in the future to justice.

8. Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

One of the first superheroes to be introduced into the Silver Age of comics; DC reimagined Green Lantern with the debut of Hal Jordan. Green Lantern was rewritten in 1959 by DC Comics editor Julius Shwartz as a science fiction hero. In a way, they added more significance to the name.

Harold "Hal" Jordan was born in Coast City, as a young kid Hal looked up to his father, a test pilot that worked for Ferris Aircraft. Still at a young age, Hal witnessed the death of his father in a horrific plane crash. Following in the footsteps of his father, Hal joined the United States Air Force. A couple of years later, an alien spaceship crashes in the Californian desert. Aboard the spaceship is a dying alien named Abin Sur, who is a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal is brought to him, and is chosen by the ring to be Abin Sur's successor for his skills of overcoming a great amount of fear.

As of now, Hal Jordan holds the mantle as the first human Green Lantern, and protects all life in Sector 2814. Hal went on to become one of the founding members of the Justice League of America.

7. Tony Stark/Iron Man

Anthony Edward Stark, who goes by the name Tony Stark, was born to Howard and Maria Stark. Edwin Jarvis was hired by Howard Stark as their butler and watched over Tony all of his life. To live up to his father's high expectations, Tony at the age of seventeen, graduated from MIT at the top of his class. At twenty-one he lost his parents in a car crash planned by HYDRA and after a few months after Jarvis passed away, Tony inherited the Stark Industries.

The billionaire, eccentric genius, playboy, and philanthropist gained his wealth by producing weapons for military use. During a demonstration of one of his newest creations, Tony was attacked and kidnapped by terrorists. As their captive, he was forced to create weapons of mass destruction alongside a scientist named Ho Yinsen. With shrapnel heading for his heart, Tony was being kept alive by treatments from his captors, making him vulnerable. Instead of creating the weapons, Yinsen advised Tony to create an indestructible suit of armor to help them escape using their supplies. While creating the suit, Tony designed a device to keep him alive without the treatments. To ensure that Tony will escape, Yinsen sacrificed himself.

As Tony arrived back home, he had a whole new perspective on life. By reimagining and redesigning the armor he forged, he created a new suits. Tony uses these suits to protect the innocent from all harm, hoping to redeem himself from his past.

6. The Fantastic Four

The superhero team that set light to the Marvel Universe that we all know and love today. The first family of heroes first written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961 that were comics really more on the science fiction genre. Their origin could be the most eccentric one in Marvel comics.

The brilliant scientist, Reed Richards, who accidentally created the Fantastic Four did it by building an experimental rocket ship to launch himself into space. Along with him came his girlfriend, Sue Storm, her younger brother, Johnny Storm, and his old friend whom he convinced to pilot the ship, Ben Grimm. As the ship flew into space, everything went wrong when the ship was bombarded by cosmic radiation rays.

Eventually, it crash landed back on Earth. As they were exiting the destroyed ship, each of them discovered that the cosmic rays completely mutated their bodies in different ways. Sue became invisible, Johnny's whole body was blazed, Reed's body was able to stretch elastically, and Ben turned into a rock-like being. From there forth, they swore to use their abilities to help mankind and went by the name "Fantastic Four."

5. The X-Men

Being formed together by Charles Xavier right after the Fantastic Four, the X-Men are one of the most classic superhero teams. The X-Men aren't like any other superheroes, they're unique in each of their own ways. They have each struggled but still work hard for a better tomorrow for everyone.

What's so unique about the X-Men is that their abilities aren't from a lab, magic, and even aliens, no, they were born with them. Each X-Men are known as "mutants," born with a mutated gene that made them abnormal, not just with their powers, but sometimes with their appearances. This became an issue for them, since mutants are hated for being "freaks of nature" and are feared by regular humans because of what they can do.

With mutants afraid of judgement, they hide themselves; because of this, Charles created a school for the gifted, a place to use their abilities and learn to control them. The X-Men fight to protect the innocent, both mutant and human, and search for other mutants to join them.

4. Steve Rogers/Captain America

The perfect idol for the American Dream, Captain America became the symbol of glory for his country. Steve Rogers is a man who overcame all of the odds, no matter how tough they were. No odds, and no man could defeat the strong spirit that he has.

Steve was born on July 4, 1920, in New York to Irish immigrant parents, Sarah and Joseph Rogers. At a young age, he contracted the disease Polio, he survived but it left his body weak and fragile. Steve ignored his small size, he gained up enough courage to enlist in the army during World War II. Unfortunately, he was rejected due to his size but his spirit remained strong. Later, Steve was found as the perfect candidate for an experiment known as "Project: Rebirth." Steve was going to be given a serum that will transform his weak body into the perfect human. When it became a huge success, Nazis crashed the lab and destroyed the formula.

Steve became the only living super soldier out there. He assisted in defeating the Axis powers and after being frozen for decades, he woke up in a new world but still continued to fight to protect not only his country but all innocents from the evil in this world as Captain America.

3. Clark Kent/Superman

Everybody should know the iconic tale of Superman, considering the fact that he is known to be the very first superhero created. Since 1938, Superman has been written in comics with a couple adaptations in the later years. Nobody can ever forget this classic.

Kal-El was born on his home planet, Krypton to married scientists Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van. As Krypton was on the brink of destruction, they built a rocket and sent their son to Earth seconds before the planet fell. As the ship crash-landed in Smallville, Kansas, the baby was discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The married couple took Kal-El under their care and raised him as Clark Kent.

As Clark grew, he discovered that he gained special abilities from the Earth's yellow sun. When he came of age, Clark learned of his origin and decided to use his powers for the greater good of mankind. He went on to become the world's greatest superhero, Superman.

2. Peter Parker/Spider-Man

The age bracket that read Marvel comics had someone to relate too, the young, teenage, social outcast, Peter Parker. Peter was socially awkward, suffered from harsh bullying, and didn't have the most interesting home life. He was a regular high school kid, other than his extreme smarts. This origin is known by many and will always go down as one of the most iconic tales to ever be told.

Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens to his CIA agent parents, Richard and Mary Parker. While Peter was an infant, his parents were infiltrating the Algerian based spy ring controlled by the Red Skull. When the Red Skull discovered that they were both agents, he had them assassinated and even framed them for treason. Peter was then sent to live with his uncle and aunt, Ben and May Parker, in Forest Hills, New York. They raised him as if he was their own son.

While attending a field trip at a scientific exhibit, Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider completely altered his DNA and gifted him abilities such as: super-strength, the ability to climb walls, amazing agility, and even a "spider sense" which alerts him when danger is nearby. He even used his science skills to build web shooters so he can swing from building-to-building.

Wanting to use his abilities to help out Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and achieve fame, Peter signed up for a televised wrestling match with a money prize. To avoid being noticed, he fabricated his own suit with a mask. After defeating his opponent, Peter was screwed over by the owner. While the owner was being robbed, and when the thief tried to make his getaway, Peter purposely allowed him to escape.

This is when it took a dark turn, Peter discovered that Uncle Ben was murdered by a car thief. When Peter tracked down the thief, he was devastated to find out that his uncle's killer is the man he let escape at the television station. On that day, Peter learned the most valuable lesson, with great power, comes great responsibility. Therefore, he swore to use his powers for good, to watch over the innocent, and protect those he loves as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

1. Bruce Wayne/Batman

Next to Superman, Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes to ever be created. He's not even "super," in any way; Bruce Wayne is an ordinary man. Except he has a body that is built to perfection, extraordinary hand-to-hand combat skills, genius intellect, agility, and is an amazing strategist. He uses his wealth to help in building gadgets and specially designed suits to meet the needs of defeating his opponents. Even with Batman being such an astonishing man, he has the most tragic origin of any superhero in comic books.

Bruce Wayne was born to Thomas and Martha Wayne in Gotham city. He grew up in a happy life of wealth in Wayne Manor. His life soon took an unexpected turn at the age of eight. As Bruce and his parents were heading home from a movie theatre, a mugger named Joe Chill held them at gunpoint in an alley. He wanted all of their belongings. As they struggled to do what the mugger demanded, Joe panicked and shot both of them in cold blood in front of young Bruce's eyes.

Being filled with vengeance, Bruce swore to work his whole life so that when it comes the time, he will rid Gotham of all of it's criminals. Till this day forward, Bruce battles in a war against crime, hoping to restore the long-needed justice in his city as the caped crusader, and greatest detective, Batman.

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