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From the late '90s well into the '00s, Nickelodeon aired a block called 'Nick Flicks', usually early on Friday or Saturday evenings. This block existed to showcase movie length episodes of Classic Nickelodeon shows, such as Rugrats, CatDog, and Jimmy Neutron. Here are some of the best ones.

1. CatDog: The Great Parent Mystery

The only movie-length CatDog episode, The Great Parent Mystery spans episodes 5-7 of the series fourth and final season.

CatDog, as an orphan, feels left out during Nearburg's annual Parent's Day celebrations. Receiving a clue from Winslow, they venture to the far away Yonderland in the hopes of finding their parents.

Watch it if: If you're a CatDog fan, you'll be pleased to know that this movie holds up well over time. Those who like a more quirky brand of humor should also enjoy it.

2. Jimmy Neutron: Operation, Rescue Jet Fusion

Jimmy is overjoyed when he is recruited by a government agency, working with his favorite film spy, Jet Fusion, to foil a plot by the evil Professor Calamitous. Jimmy is forced to go on alone after Jet is captured.

This movie spanned episodes four and five of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Season 2. Jet Fusion appeared once more in the Season 3 episode My Big Fat Spy Wedding.

Watch it If: You are a James Bond fan. You'll definitely appreciate the references.

3. As Told By Ginger: Summer Of Camp Caprice

Ginger, Dodie, and Macie are excited for their annual trip to Camp Caprice, but are shocked to discover that Courtney has tagged along, eager to prove she is not as high maintenance as her friends believe. While keeping Courtney out of trouble, Ginger also develops a crush on new camp employee, Sasha.

The first of four As Told By Ginger movies, Summer Of Camp Caprice spanned episodes 18-20 of the series first season.

Watch it if: You enjoy classic summer camp stories.

4. All Grown Up: Dude, Where's My Horse?

The tweenage Rugrats spend a week at a dude ranch after Grandpa Lou makes a bet with an old friend. Tommy is dismayed to learn that he is not a natural Cowboy as he had hoped.

The second of three All Grown Up! specials, Dude, Where's My Horse? filled episodes 9 and 10 of the show's third season.

Watch it if: You love the original Rugrats. Dude, Where's My Horse? often feels as though it could slot right in as a classic Rugrats adventure.

5. Fairly Odd Parents: School's Out! The Musical

When Timmy Turner and his friends find themselves enrolled at Flappy Bob's Learnatorium, their Summer Vacation may be ruined. It is up to Timmy to foil the evil Pixies' 37-year plan, and show Flappy Bob the true meaning Of Fun.

School's Out! was the third Fairly Odd Parents movie, serving as the finale of Season Four.

Watch it if: You enjoy cartoon musicals.

6. Rugrats: Acorn Nuts And Diapey Butts

With the first days of fall come unwanted changes for the Rugrats. Tommy's Grandpa moves out, Phil and Lil get new over-sized diapers, and Chuckie's Dad starts going on dates.

This film consists of three episodes, Diaper Change, Fall Stinks, and Don't Poop On My Parade. This is the last episode to use the original Rugrats intro.

Watch it if: You love Rugrats In Paris: The Movie. This episode directly leads into the events of that film.

7. The Wild Thornberries: Origin Of Donnie

To mark the occasion of Nigel and Marianne officially adopting Donnie, The Thornberrys return to the place they originally found him. Donnie disappears into the jungle soon after they arrive. While searching for him, Eliza discovers the truth about where he came from.

This was the only movie-length episode of The Wild Thornberrys, spanning the first four episodes of the show's fourth Season. This makes it the longest Nick Flick, running about 100 minutes.

Watch it If: You are a fan of Disney's Tarzan.

8. All Grown Up: Interview With A Campfire

The kids and their families head to creepy Camp Everwood for the last week of Summer. Tommy is intrigued when he learns of the Curse Of The Everwood Settlers, hoping to make a film on the subject.

Interview With A Campfire was the first All Grown Up movie, filling episodes 14 and 15 of Season One. It was held over until Season 2 in some Countries.

Watch it if: You like classic Cartoon Halloween specials.

9. Jimmy Neutron: Win, Lose, And Kaboom!

After deciphering a message from Outer Space, Jimmy and his friends are whisked away to compete on an Intergalactic game show with the fate of the Earth at stake.

Win, Lose, And Kaboom! spanned episodes 57-59 of Jimmy Neutron. It guest starred Tim Allen as Meldar, and Alyssa Milano as April.

Watch it if: You like making fun of reality TV.

10. Fairly Odd Parents: Channel Chasers

Timmy wishes himself into the land of Television after a particularly bad day with his babysitter, Vicki. Unfortunately, this leads to Vicki ruling the world in the future.

Channel Chasers spanned episodes 25-27 of Season 4. Alec Baldwin guest starred as adult Timmy.

Watch it if: You enjoy pop-culture references.

11. Drake & Josh Go Hollywood

When Drake accidentally puts Megan on the wrong flight, he and Josh must travel to Los Angeles to retrieve her.

This was one of two films starring Drake & Josh.

Watch it if: You need a laugh.

12. Rugrats: All Growed Up!

The Rugrats attempt to travel 10 years into the future in the hope that Angelica will be nicer to them then.

All Growed Up was made as the Rugrats 10th anniversary special. The success of this special lead to production of the spin-off series, All Grown Up.

13. Jimmy Neutron: The Eggpire Strikes Back

Jimmy is suspicious when the Yolkians, villains of the original Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius movie, arrive in Retroville seeking peace with the Humans.

This movie made up episodes 15 and 16 of Jimmy Neutron's first Season.

Watch it if: You enjoyed the movie. This episode acts as a direct sequel.

14. Rugrats: Runaway Reptar

On a trip to the drive-in, the babies venture into the movie when their hero, Reptar, seems to be in trouble.

Runaway Reptar was the first movie-length Rugrats episode, filling episodes 19 and 20 of Season 6. When airing in a 90-minute Nick Flicks block, it was often accompanied by Rugrats Vacation.

Watch it if: You love the Japanese Godzilla films. A great parody.

15. Hey Arnold: The Journal

Arnold discovers an old Journal belonging to his missing Parents, Miles and Stella. He hopes it will provide a clue to their whereabouts.

The Journal was the series finale of Hey Arnold, but aired early in some countries.

Watch it if: You want to be prepared for the upcoming Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.

What was your favorite Nick Flick?


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