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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Preacher TV and comic book in the second half of this article.

We're now three episodes into AMC's Preacher and if you're reading this you're probably totally hooked, but maybe also a little confused. Fear not however, because the show will explain all in due course!

This week in Preacher we were introduced to new characters, learned more about old ones and got to explore Jesse's powers in a hilarious way. Basically, lots happened, and it set up even more to happen in future episodes. Take a look below at six of the most kick-ass moments from "The Possibilities," and let me know in the comments what your favorite part of the episode was.

Note: to save any of you non-comic readers from spoilers I've even divided the article into non-spoiler and spoiler zones. I know, I treat you well.

1. A proper intro credit sequence

After two episodes of just seeing a Preacher title card strategically placed somewhere in the opening scenes, this week we actually got a full opening credits sequence and it was really awesome!

Each actor is matched up with a quick clip to reflect their character and the music was also on point. It might have just been a small detail, but I know many TV viewers love a good TV intro, and it's cool to see Preacher get one as well.

2. Jesse testing his powers and Cassidy's Bieber reveal

We're only three episodes in, but so far Preacher has had some amazing pop culture references. In Episode 1 we had Tom Cruise exploding (who was buried in this week's episode), in Episode 2 Cassidy not only hated on The Big Lebowski but also quoted Scarface, and "The Possibilities" saw Cassidy admitting to a love of Justin Bieber music as Jesse tested out his powers. Oh shite.

After successfully commanding Tracy Loach to open her eyes and conduct a series of experiments on Cassidy, Jesse has now pretty much worked out exactly what he has the ability to do. And after almost commanding Donnie to shoot himself, Jesse seemed to come to the realization that his powers are a gift from God. Of course, given that he's a preacher this seems like a natural conclusion to come to, but it was only further backed up after one of the two mysterious "government clones" let it slip that the pair had come from Heaven to retrieve whatever it was that is now living inside him.

3. Tulip, Jesse and a man named Carlos

Carlos abandoned Jesse and Tulip
Carlos abandoned Jesse and Tulip

Tulip and Jesse's past only got more mysterious after Tulip received the last known address of a man named Carlos. In a series of flashbacks it becomes clear that during some sort of job, Carlos abandoned the pair after Jesse shot a security guard, taking all the money they had stolen with them.

So far Tulip's sole purpose on the show has been to convince Jesse to aid her on her quest for revenge, and in "The Possibilities" she even got him to agree. But, fortunately for her, after Jesse's bathroom incident with Donnie, he had a change of heart, opting to leave Carlos to God. So, having lost Jesse, what will Tulip's next move in Annville be? She doesn't seem like a woman who gives up easily, but after Jesse's realization it seems like she might have to concede.

4. Electricity flickers

Electricity flickered in the motel room
Electricity flickered in the motel room

Did anyone else notice the electricity frequently flickering through the episode? We first saw it in the "government clones" motel room, and again in the bathroom at the gas station. While this could just be a coincidence, I can't help but think that there's some connection between this and Odin Quincannon, the owner of Quincannon Meat and Power (QMP).

Quincannon has now appeared in two episodes of the series, though still remains quite mysterious. Last week we saw him and his men bulldozing the house of an elderly couple to make way for more plants, and this week saw him listening to recordings of cows being slaughtered. He also popped up later in the episode, with Donnie reading him a letter from a Jerry Cutler from Green Acres, who appeared to want to acquire QMP. What do you think — are the two connected or not? Either way, hopefully the mystery around the weird character that is Quincannon is solved soon.

— Comic book spoiler zone starts here —

5. The introduction of Herr Starr and mentions of the Grail

We didn't get to see his face, but there's no mistaking that white suit for anyone else. What better way for Herr Starr to be introduced than sitting in a showing during Houston's 4th Annual Snuff Film Festival?!

Given that we're now three episodes into Season 1 and we only got a small look at Herr Starr in "The Possibilities," I'd say there's a strong possibility (sorry, sorry) that Starr won't really enter into things more until either the very end of Season 1, or more likely in Season 2. Besides, at the moment Jesse has the slightly more pressing matter of Cassidy teaming up with the two "government clones" to worry about.

And just as exciting as seeing Herr Starr, comic fans would have also been stoked to hear the mention of "Grail Industries." While a quick mention from Tulip was all we got about the organization in this episode, it seems pretty obviously we'll hear more about this in episodes to come. Cannot wait.

6. The return of Fiore and DeBlanc

Fiore and DeBlanc armed and dangerous
Fiore and DeBlanc armed and dangerous

We got a hint of Fiore and DeBlanc's origins in this week's episode when it was let slip that these "government clones" were actually from Heaven. But whether or not Cassidy took that seriously remains to be seen.

However, even though their origins are yet to be revealed to audiences, it seems as though Fiore and DeBlanc are shaping up to be the big threat to Jesse in Season 1 of Preacher, or at least in the first half. I cannot wait to see what happens with these two and the weird agreement that seems to have popped up between them and Cassidy.

Preacher returns to AMC with episode "Monster Swamp" on Sunday, June 19

What did you think of this week's episode of Preacher?


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