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After the events of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale, it's fair to say that fans are going out of their minds trying to figure out who Negan's victim really is. From analyzing the scenes from all angles, to picking up on minute details from other episodes that may have hid clues, the fans have gone over the finale with a fine-toothed comb. But despite all our best efforts, Negan's true victim is as mysterious as ever, and thanks to a recent interview it looks like the crew of the show intend to keep it that way until the Season 7 premiere in October.

Speaking to IGN, executive producer and special effects master, Greg Nicotero has revealed that the crew is shooting episodes of Season 7 out of order, possibly in the hopes of keeping the identity of Negan's victim a mystery for as long as possible. Here's the excerpt from the article:

Nicotero noted the season's schedule doesn't "necessarily mean that we're shooting in order" of the episodes.

Interesting, right?

Negan before the group
Negan before the group

Obviously this might be a ploy to keep the victim's identity under wraps for as long as possible, though it could also be an attempt to work around cast filming obligations, such as Steven Yeun (Glenn) who is currently in South Korea filming for Boon Joon-ho's upcoming film Okja.

It's worth noting that all key players from that infamous cliffhanger scene have been spotted on set at various times since film resumed (including Yeun), making it even harder to make an educated guess at who Negan's victim might be.

The Kingdom community
The Kingdom community

Aside from speaking about the shooting order for Season 7, Nicotero also confirmed that we would see a lot of new communities in the upcoming season, saying to IGN that:

"Season 7 of The Walking Dead, there's all new worlds that we're going to meet"

Those "new worlds" will likely include both the Kingdom, which is home to Ezekiel, Shiva and the mystery man spotted at the end of Season 6, and also the Sanctuary, which is the main compound of Negan and his Saviors.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October.

Who do you think Negan killed?

Negan forcing the group to kneel before him
Negan forcing the group to kneel before him

Source: IGN


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