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To celebrate Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, here is a list of the five best fictional Queens.

1. Elsa, Frozen

Elsa is notable for being the first Queen in a Disney film to be neither evil, or relegated to supporting character status.

Her journey, from isolating herself, to finally reconciling with younger sister Anna, is heartwarming, and her ice powers make Frozen a visual spectacle.

2. Cersei Lannister, Game Of Thrones

While she has fallen from grace in more recent episodes, Cersei was Queen for the show's first three seasons. Someone you either love to hate, or hate to love, Cersei is a brilliantly flawed, deep character, played wonderfully by Lena Headey.

3. Queen Clarisse Renaldi, The Princess Diaries

Ruler of Genovia until her granddaughter Princess Mia comes of age, Queen Clarisse Renaldi is a constant picture of poise and elegance. Attempting to train the clumsy Mia to eventually take over her royal duties proves a challenge, but beneath her initially tough exterior lies a royal heart of gold.

4. The Evil Queen/ Regina Mills, Once Upon A Time

Regina Mills, Once Upon A Time's interpretation of Snow White's classic Evil Queen, is so much more than the one-dimensional Villain whom inspired her. As the series moves on, viewers discover that at her core, she truly wishes to be good again, and earn her happy ending.

5. Daenerys Targaryen, Game Of Thrones

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, possible prophesized savior of all of Westeros.. What's not to love?

Who Is your favorite fictional Queen?


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