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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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A bunch of fun stuff always appears at the E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo) and this year is no different, bringing us trailers and clips for upcoming Star Wars and Walking Dead games. Oh, and one for the long-awaited Friday the 13th game.

Check it out! That's Mrs. Voorhees you can hear, hissing:

''They're here Jason. Find them. Bring them to Mommy''

Even though the motion capture for the game was shot using Kane Hodder, the outfits seem to be modeled on Friday the 13th parts 2 and 3, where Jason was played by Steve Daskewisz, Warrington Gilette and Richard Brooker. Even the famous Friday the 13th Part 2 Sackhead outfit, which was publicized in early concept art, will appear in the game.

Exciting as the E3 teaser is, my favorite trailer for the Friday the 13th game is definitely the official announcement trailer, released a little while back. It's basically an angry monologue from Mrs. Voorhees, raging against those she perceives as guilty for her son's accident at Camp Crystal Lake:

''After it happened, I expected someone to do something. I expected parents to show up with questions and concerns, I thought the police would've done more, but nothing happened, nothing changed.

They opened it again the next year, and they were back to their old habits. They're just kids, right? Well, so was he. He was just an innocent boy. I was a good mother to him, my boy. My sweet, sweet Jason.''

As the trailer reaches its crescendo with some dramatic music, we're treated to an exciting quick zoom right into the eye of the beast.

Another, longer set of video and clips from the Friday the 13th game includes actual gameplay footage, some of which is actually rather helpful. One of the guys talking points out that one of the buildings in the game is the Higgins house from Part 3, and we see some of the fun things the game offers.

You can play from Jason's POV or the counselors. We see a turn as "preppy guy" (until his time is cut short by a well-placed machete). When playing as a counsellor, you can use various tactics to distract Jason — playing the radio to mask the sounds you make, locking doors and opening windows to make it look like you've climbed outside and made a run for it. There are brief appearances or soundbites from other doomed youngsters; we get a nice splash sound effect and the standard last words of a young girl going bathing with her boyfriend, "Quiet, someone'll hear us!" "Troy, did you hear something?" "Relax, babe, it's probably just Steve trying to scare us."

Obviously, playing as Jason is great fun, too. There are many marvelous ways to kill those poor innocent '80s kids — from smashing them against rocks, crushing their heads in doors or stabbing them right through the bed they're hiding under. Jason actually changes outfits throughout the game, appearing in his green shirt carrying the classic machete, or in a tattered jumpsuit brandishing an axe.

The Friday the 13th game looks awesome, with Jason at his bloody best and Mrs. Voorhees viciously spurring him on to greater savagery:

''Punish them. That's my boy...Hunt them down and make them pay.''

A physical copy of the Friday the 13th game on PS4 or XBox One is expected to be available for delivery from October 2016.

Source: Youtube, F13Game


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