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Alongside new info regarding The Walking Dead video game adventure series by Telltale Games, we have also recently been feasting our eyes on the screenshots for their Batman creation. Yet, despite this, it appears that much of the attention is still on what lies in store in EA's future releases.

Ever since EA Games acquired exclusive rights to produce video games stemming from the wildly successful Star Wars franchise, excitement has been building with each snippet of information trickling out regarding the new additions to the intergalactic world.

While at the moment Star Wars: Battlefront is the only game to come from the EA and Lucasfilm's multi-year licensing deal (not taking into account subsidiary Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic of course), Jade Raymond of the company's Motive Studios and Visceral Games has been reminding eager fans that there are a number of Star Wars video games in the pipeline, saying:

"They're channeling their talent and passion to bring you all-new experiences that will span many corners of the Star Wars universe."

Finally, that solid promise seems to have come into fruition. EA has recently released an E3 2016 teaser video that gives us an insight into what the developers are cooking up. The general manager of the project, Justin McCuly, kick-starts the clip with the following words:

“What we’re really trying to do at EA is cater to different areas of the Star Wars universe, and create different games that are tailor-made for those fans.”

Here's the full clip teasing three forthcoming games set in the Star Wars universe — the Battlefront sequel, an action-adventure game with an original story from Dead Space studio Visceral Games and a third-person game from Respawn Entertainment:

Notably, the clip takes us on a journey to DICE and Motive Studios's new edition of Battlefront, where senior producer Sigurlína Ingvarsdottir offers up new footage of the Cloud City expansion, with a sneak peak at Lando Calrissian. Alongside this, she teased that the focus would be increasingly on "more character, more planets, more eras."

Credit: EA Games
Credit: EA Games

In addition, there's also talk about bolstering the game's base package. Mark Thompson of Motive Studios (also included in the production of the Battlefront games) revealed that developers are expecting to take the franchise even further, saying:

“There’s no point in making something in the Star Wars IP if you’re just going to do what’s been done before, right?"

What that means exactly remains unclear, but one thing's for sure — we should expect great things from "experience-centered" virtual reality in at least one of the new releases. For those watching carefully, the teaser momentarily showed the use of a Playstation VR headset, which is bound to make hardcore gamers leap with excitement.

A developer wearing VR headset
A developer wearing VR headset

What do you think the expanded universe now means?


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