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On the night of Friday, June 10, just one day prior to the Orlando shooting that claimed 50 lives, former Youtube star and The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie was tragically shot at close range after performing at a concert also in Orlando.

In the days since, her Voice coaches have paid tribute to the young talent from New Jersey, beginning with the show itself via their official Twitter channel:

Fans of The Voice will recall that Grimmie had a close relationship with her mentor Adam Levine of Maroon 5, who followed through on his promise to sign her to his label regardless of whether she won. Here's what Levine had to say:

Host Carson Daly was struggling to process the news much like the rest of the world, and paid tribute to her character and her talent in his message:

Blake Shelton did the same while also touching on the horror and injustice of the senseless loss of life that comes with every shooting in the US:

Right up until last week, Christina was using her profile to raise money for charitable causes close to her heart such as the Humane Society. Click to visit their website.

While she will continue to be celebrated and loved, the life of a big hearted, hard working young girl did not need to end this way. Christina Grimmie was 22 years old.

In the wake of this and the Orlando shooting that followed on Saturday night, a petition has been created to try and increase gun control to ensure no more lives are lost the way Christina's was. It's already at 655k signatures, and takes only five seconds to complete. Click here if you'd like to sign it.


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