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Jennifer Lawrence seems like she would be that co-worker, the one who's always making everyone laugh at inappropriate times and sometimes just being inappropriate in general. For instance, asking your Australian co-star whether he likes to get it on with kangaroos.

Source: GIPHY
Source: GIPHY

Hemsworth shared this charming anecdote in an interview on the Graham Norton Show:

“She often, right before a take, would turn to me and ask if I liked having sex with kangaroos. Anything along those lines.”
Liam Hemsworth
Liam Hemsworth

Then he added:

"You never really know what's going to come out of her mouth."

Too true, Liam! Although, of all the weird things we've learned from the set of The Hunger Games, this doesn't hold a candle to the whole scab-eating thing.

Here are five more times Jennifer Lawrence said unbelievably awkward stuff that somehow made us love her even more.

1. When she coughed up a load of phlegm while talking to David Letterman: I'm like a dragon I'm like a dragon

2. And later in the show, when she told Letterman she wanted to tweet about anal leakage.

J.Law anal leakage
J.Law anal leakage

3. When she equated regular running to stunt work and had to get a trainer for it:

“I had to have running training because I’m not a very good runner. I run weird. … The hardest stunt is probably basic running. And trying not to hit myself in the face with my bow, are my two greatest challenges.”

4. When she asked Josh Hutcherson about his rash on the red carpet:

5. And when she found the silver lining after falling at the Oscars:

J. Law I got touched by Hugh Jackman
J. Law I got touched by Hugh Jackman

What's your favorite ridiculous J.Law quote?

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