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As usual, there were plenty of winners and losers in the Game of Thrones episode last night, which generated plenty of talking points and strategically moved certain characters across the map of Westeros and Essos like pawns on a chess board.

One story we didn't check in with this week was the war between the Houses Stark and Bolton — a war which we've been gearing up for since the second Ramsay took Winterfell way back in Season 2, Episode 10. Ready or not, the clash is coming this Sunday in the explicitly titled "Battle Of The Bastards."

Let's take a look at the preview now:

1. Thousands Of Men Are Going To Die

In the trailer, we hear Jon Snow's voice make Ramsay a noble (and strategic) offer:

"Thousands of men don't need to die. Only one of us."

Although we don't get to hear the Sociopath of the North outright reject the proposition, clearly he does and everyone launches into a battle (for which Jon and his Wildling army, 62 Mormonts and handful of Hornwoods are grossly underprepared). They lack the man-power, tactical training, and home-field advantage that the Boltons have, and we can already see it going poorly in this shot that looks like the Bolton forces surrounding a sizable chunk of the Wildling clan:

Boltons vs. Wildlings
Boltons vs. Wildlings

2. If Jon Dies, He Wants To Stay That Way

Jon and Melisandre
Jon and Melisandre

Game Of Thrones opened a can of worms by resurrecting Jon Snow at the start of the season. If Jon can come back from the dead, does that mean that death is no longer permanent? While Jon is not the only character that we've seen return from the other side, this trailer makes it clear that that was the one and only time he'll make that mystical leap.

Of course, once he's dead, it's not really up to him, is it? Featuring this little snippet of dialogue between him and Melisandre could be foreshadowing the blood magic that will go along with the bloodshed.

3. Shireen's Revenge

Ser Davos
Ser Davos

Melisandre and Stannis sacrificed Princess Shireen last season on their journey from Castle Black to Winterfell (the same journey that Jon, Davos and their forces have just made). Up until this point, all Ser Davos — who was deeply devoted to the little princess — knows is that Shireen is dead.

But in this trailer, we see a glimpse of Davos leaning over a pile of old, abandoned wood and looking meaningfully back toward the camera. Could this be the remains of Shireen's pyre? If it is — and Davos discovers the truth — Melisandre might need to save some of that resurrection magic for herself.

4. Things Look Really, Really Bad For Rickon

There's no doubt that Jon is a brave warrior, but Ramsay is a freakin' sicko, and he still has the youngest Stark, Rickon, as his captive.

Sansa: You don't know him.
Sansa: You don't know him.

Frankly, without someone helping him from the inside, it doesn't look good for Rickon making it out of this one alive.


Which side do you think will emerge victorious from The Battle Of The Bastards?


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