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Sunday, June 12 was the release date anniversary of the beloved film, Rosemary’s Baby. Roman Polanski’s classic hit starred a young couple played by actors Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes. Considered to be a psychological horror in its own right, Rosemary’s Baby is one of the better-known horror films out there. This film is not gory or bloody violent, but has a very sinister tone and dark atmosphere throughout.

Rosemary’s Baby is another of those films that has a surprising, yet horrific ending to it. The end of the film shows us that Rosemary has spawned the child of Satan, and we are left rather disturbed at the terror of her child’s eyes.

This film was one of the first movies to introduce a horrific-looking child, a trope that has been used in plenty of films. Using this as inspiration, I’ve completed a list of films which star very creepy-looking little babies. In no particular order, here is my list of five creepy baby movie scenes that will give you nightmares.

1. Dead Alive a.k.a. Brain Dead (1992)

Before he was busy creating his Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson was directing B-Horror/Comedy movies. Brain Dead (known as Dead Alive in North America), is considered to be one of the bloodiest and grotesque horror films ever made. From the infamous lawnmower scene to the rat monkey clip, this movie is bloody good. However, there are quite a few memorable scenes from this film starring a rather frightening little baby. Watch the one clip that I chose for this list down below:

This scene is absolutely disturbing to watch. Taking a page out of William Friedkin’s The Exorcist, the scene shows the baby vomiting in a woman’s face. This baby appears a few times throughout the film, causing havoc for some unlucky folks. The demon baby is frightening to look at, that’s for sure.

2. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

Zach Snyder’s directorial debut, Dawn of the Dead was a remake of George A. Romero’s original 1978 hit. The films both focus on characters who are trapped inside a shopping mall surrounded by vicious zombies. However it is one particular scene that stands out from the rest.

After the pregnant woman named Luda is bitten early on in the film, we find that her child was also infected with the zombie virus. This child is one that no mother would want to care for. Watch the scene below:

Having nightmares yet? You will after having watched this clip I promise you that.

3. It’s Alive (2008)

This is yet another horror remake on this list. It’s Alive (2008) may have more blood and gore over the original, but the antagonistic little devil child is still frightening to look at. In one particularly scene labeled Deadly Delivery, we see what this child is truly capable of straight out of the womb of its mother.

While we don’t necessarily see the child ripping apart all of these nurses and surgeons, we do get a side view glimpse at the child laying on his mother's stomach. This can’t be good for the nurse seen walking into the room witnessing all the murders that took place.

4. Trainspotting (1996)

While this is just a hallucination due to the effects of the drug heroin, this doesn’t prevent the scene from being any less creepy. This looks to be yet another scene that borrows heavily from the original Exorcist film, as we see this demonic baby turn its head all the way around to stare directly at Mark Renton (played by a younger Ewan McGregor). Watch this terrifying baby scene below:

Yep. I’m definitely terrified at this point even while finishing up this article. But alas, I have just one more to go.

5. The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Whether you believe in the Antichrist or not, you have to at least understand the message Mel Gibson is conveying here. Satan, played by actress Rosalinda Celentano, is seen here holding what is supposed to resemble the Antichrist. It is a remarkable ploy here by director Mel Gibson, as the message is made pretty clear in this film. Watch this sinister child scene below:

While we see Jesus (Jim Caviezel) being brutally beaten by the Roman soldiers, we see Satan stroll through the crowd of on-looking priests. In Satan’s hand is a child who turns his face grinning at Jesus, knowing that the Antichrist’s time on Earth will soon take place.

Did you agree with my list? What baby scenes from movies crept you out the most? I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below! Also, don't forget to check out my other article titled the Top 5 Horror Movie Scenes That Appeared Out of Nowhere.


What baby scene from these films in this list scared you the most?


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